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    [FOR SALE] 1969 Formula S Fastback Barracuda

    For Sale #matching 1969 Formula S 340-S FB Barracuda. Holly Terminator X Max, TTI Headers, Bergson PS steering box, Comp Cam & lifters\Timing chain, Edelbrock manifold, all exterior lights converted to LEDs, misc. parts. I have all OEM parts. I can send you more pics if needed. Asking 49K obo or...
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    Question about voltage limiter

    Hey Steve 225, what is the process on removing the instrument cluster? I want to clean mine up and install the IVR4!
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    69 Barracuda Dual Hood Scoops

    Thats Awesome thanks guys for the info. I was raking my brain trying to find our if it had a code or was in a package and where on my car would be the proof of it being original equipment. Thanks again
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    69 Barracuda Dual Hood Scoops

    What is the fender tag number for dual Hood Scoops, on a 1969 Formula S 340-S Auto FB Barracuda?
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    [FOR SALE] A-833 aluminum bell housing

    Will this fit a small block? Please PM me
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    3 to 4 Speed Conversion

    Do you still have the trans setup
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    QA1 level 2 suspension kit: 67 Cuda.

    Looks good, I love QA1 stuff, I think they are on the mark for our mopars! I just wish it wasn't so pricey. Do we get any discount for belonging to FABO?
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    1970 Front Sway Bar

    Hey Swinger, What is the product number of the Hellwig?
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    [FOR SALE] 14" SBP MAG wheels

    1 pair 14x7 and 1 pair 14x10 with 3 1/2" BS. They need some TLC (cleaning up) and they would be a nice addition to your car. Asking $450 for the bunch. Please PM me Thank you, thank you
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    [FOR SALE] SB 15X9.75 steelies

    i'm interested. how do we make a deal?
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    Who sells the molded plastic glove box ?

    hi 4fortydemon. i'm interested. PM me
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    Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect

    Hey 66durgderp, What NRG did you use for the hub adapter, so it fits the spline. Without welding it.
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    [SOLD] Gerst A Body front rear coil over Suspension

    Are you interested in selling just the front suspension? Also, is this setup for SB Engines?