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  • Hi Royal.
    I saw your post in a thread mentioning you need quarters. I will be retrieving a 71 Valiant 4 door shortly. I am not sure how much of the quarter you need and or how bad the rust is on this car, but if I decide to cut it up the quarters could be removed. I know that they will be the same up to the doors, excluding marker lights. If you are interested, PM me your email and when I pick up the car I will send you some pics.
    P.S. Your PM box is full!
    my friend has all the door and window trim as well as rocker molding and trunk molding from a 69 signet. $180 + shipping for the lot.
    I am in need of an ehaust manifold drivers side for a 1965 273 v-8 with
    power steering and factory a/c
    Any help would be appreciated.
    What years will fit my car?
    Thank you
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