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    Mopar Only Shows

    Tom, You should probably get your facts straight before saying something like that. Clarences cars have never ever been entered in the show since he became the main sponsor. Display only, and even then only a few. It was also moved to an area that provided shade and was closer to other...
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    ? about dodge ram 2500 v-10

    Head gaskets were not a problem. some of the 94's had a recall for intake gaskets that would get sucked in and there were some of the early year trucks that had mystery coolant loss that was caused by heads cracking and venting the steam inside the valve cover then getting drawn in and burned...
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    1972 Dodge Dart Swinger in Alberta

    1972 Dodge Dart Swinger. Nut and bolt restoration completed 2005. Car now has 383 Magnum(1969,rebuilt stock bore 10:1 compression, Holley 750) 727 Auto with Mopar shift kit and 8 3/4 rear with new 3:91 Sure Grip. All mechanicals have been replaced or renewed. New quarter panels and plating...
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    auto wrecker in alberta

    That's Flatla Auto Wreckers. It's in Tilley Alberta which is just South and East of Brooks.
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    Car Hunting In Alberta

    Hi Tom.
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    Car Hunting In Alberta

    Everything is for sale for the right price!! Has he figured out more of what he is looking at yet?
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    1973 Duster & Dart Sport 340 SUNROOF cars

    I had a red 340 auto Dart Sport convertriple. Car is still alive.
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    auto wrecker in alberta

    Did Dale have what you needed?
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    anybody order from year one ?????

    I live an hour north of the border and send all my stuff to the UPS warehouse there in Sweetgrass MT. I just drive down when it comes in and bring it across the border myself. I only end up paying the GST this way.
  10. 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

    1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

    1972 Dart Swinger. Bare Shell creation. 383 auto, factory A/C, 73 front suspension and disc brakes. tubular upper control arms, cop steering box, 8¾ rear with 3:23SG and rear sway bar. 1971 deluxe interior.
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    Buh Bye

    Nice E-Body, good trade.
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    25,000+ Hi-Res Car Wallpapers

    Can you not spam somewhere else where your soliciting is wanted. I am sure if you contact the admin they will entertain your advertising for a fee. This would be proper site etiquette. Have a nice day!
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    Alberta Shows

    We're on the list! 2nd weekend of July!
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    A truck question

    Jack the diff oil shoul be changed every 24,000 km's. check your owners manual. Change the diff oil, may as well put synthetic in there and add 2 bottles of mopar friction modifier. If there was no modifier added when the bearings were done you would have known within a week. hope this helps.