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  • Tks for your service also.We lived in a good time and all those who served helped make it that way. Now its time to enjoy our mopars. Tom
    Did you get my pm big brother :D Looking forward to seeing you and Thelma again, Treva can't wait to meet my big brother and his wife :D
    LOL.....Ya, now I can just tell people who I am.
    Looking forward to the show at Indy in March, that's the show that lets me know spring is on the way ......
    Thanks Tony! It's great to be back online here and learning some more about A-bodys :)
    How about we trade cars for awhile?? Like forever!! You have one of the nicest cars in IMC!!
    Hey Tony!
    I need to order a steering wheel and would like to get one like yours. Can you tell me the source you used? (I have my rally tachometer on order :))
    Thanks Tony. I have not used the NGK's previously but came across info. on this site where it was being recommended. Thanks again and I really like the pics you have posted - some great looking rides.
    Tony - I am new to the forum and wanted to check with you about using NGK ZFR5N spark plugs in my '70 Plymouth Duster - slant 6, 225. Others have said it is ok and to take off the metal washer. Do you know if these plugs are ok to use?
    Tony,thanks for the welcome! I hope to have my info set up by Tuesday.Thanks again! From Roger Price "aka"IBstroken.
    Hey Tony I got a surprise Christmas card from you today! Thanks so much! You did a very beautiful job on it! I'm not very good at sending Christmas cards to anybody,BUT you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Guess what I got in the mail today brother !!!!!! Thank you so SOOOO much
    Your Arkansas brother Mike S. YeeHaw!!!!!!! the big ones are SAweeet !!!
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