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  1. bvt69dart

    Ever see these wheels before?

    I'm changing my answer to "I can't remember where, but I've seen them before!"
  2. bvt69dart

    what size under my 68 dart???

    I'm running 245 60R15 BFG's on 7" W 4.5" BS wheels on the back of my '69 Dart. No rubbing issues at all.
  3. bvt69dart

    hate to ask 73 dart sport 15-16s?

    Your car is beautiful Sport 360!
  4. bvt69dart

    Lets see your steelies

    smlveightis, I love your 'cuda! Great color combination and those "steelies & caps" really complete the look. NICE CAR!
  5. bvt69dart

    Lets see your steelies

    Opps, here is pic.
  6. bvt69dart

    Lets see your steelies

    Here are mine.
  7. bvt69dart

    whatcha got on a 68 dart with 8.75 no mods

    Here are pictures of my '69 Dart with an 8.75 rear. Tires are 235 60R15 on a 15 X 7" wheel. 4.5" backspace.
  8. bvt69dart

    Can I run a 215 tire in front with a 3 1/2" back space?

    I had 215/60R 14's on 6" rims on the front of my dart with plenty of clearence. I hope this helps.
  9. bvt69dart

    Installed the BFG drag radials!

    Thanks Kevin, I was planning on dropping the pressure and testing, but I need to plan to have a tow vehicle there in case I find "a weak spot"!LOL I've had a lot of expereince with finding them over the years! BTW, 15X7" 4.5" BS LBP 253/60R15 is the combo. Springs in stock location.
  10. bvt69dart

    Back Spacing ?

    Steve, I have the LBP 8 3/4 rear axles on my car. When I put them on, I measured the distance from hub flange to bearing mount. It was exactly the same as my original SBP axles.
  11. bvt69dart

    Back Spacing ?

    John, Here are the pic's I promised. 15X7" 4.5" backspace 235/60R/15
  12. bvt69dart

    Installed the BFG drag radials!

    Here are a couple of pictures of my Dart with the drag radials! I'm really hoping to lower both 60' and e.t.'s. I'll let you know in a few weeks!