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  1. bvt69dart

    What is this

    Might be seat belt buzzer relay.
  2. bvt69dart

    Where do these wires go?

    They went to the reverse light switch on my '68 Barracuda. It had what looked like lamp cord leading to the 4-speed transmission switch.
  3. bvt69dart

    Help with circuit board pin

    Thanks for the info RedFish. Guy's on this site like you, Del and clifftt make a great resource!
  4. bvt69dart

    Help with circuit board pin

    Thanks guys, the Molex connector idea sounds like it would ease reassembly also. Restorations can be so much fun...
  5. bvt69dart

    Help with circuit board pin

    I'm currently replacing the dash pad on my new 'cuda and I discovered pin broken off the inst cluster circuit board. Can it be repaired? The pin is for the right turn signal indicator. Pictures of the board and completed pad replacement. Thanks!
  6. bvt69dart

    Possible dumb question about AC-DC

    Nice explanation Del!
  7. bvt69dart

    Possible dumb question about AC-DC

    You guy's crack me up!
  8. bvt69dart

    Plug wires and headers.

    That's a Real "Purdy" engine!!!
  9. bvt69dart

    Is there such a thing as a low RPM alternator

    I installed a denso alt on my '69 and it put's out 14 volts at idle with blower motor on high and headlights on!
  10. bvt69dart

    Remote Start Units

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to start a firestorm or call anyone an idiot. I just wanted some opinions on remote start kits. If anyone is offended, it was unintentional on my part! Sheesh!!!
  11. bvt69dart

    Remote Start Units

  12. bvt69dart

    Remote Start Units

    Thanks for the advice Guy's! Sounds like I'll pass.
  13. bvt69dart

    Remote Start Units

    I know it's not mopar, but a friend want's me to install a remote start kit on her 2009 Nissan Murano. Anyone have knowledge about this? Thanks.
  14. bvt69dart

    very odd ignition module

    Look's to be having a doggone GOOD time!
  15. bvt69dart

    Parking lights

    That's the way they were until '68 I believe.
  16. bvt69dart

    Charging system voltage high

    I had the same problem and it turned out to be the ign. switch. voltage drop between battery feed and ign. on circuit. 15.7 volts will eventually boil the battery dry!
  17. bvt69dart

    Initial Timming?

    Thanks, I just found the specs on the Mopar electronic ignition kit I installed that stated that 50degrees @ 2600 RPM max advance for my 318. I set it to that, adjusted the idle & road tested. What a difference! No ping and lot's of low end!
  18. bvt69dart

    Initial Timming?

    My question is about setting your timming with a vacuum gauge. I've heard that you adjust to the highest vacuum at idle, and then retard 1" of highest reading. Is this accurate, & should the vacuum advance be active or plugged during this procedure? (my advance is connected to a timmed port...
  19. bvt69dart

    Tried this...Ammeter? Revisited

    I did this upgrade to my Dart 3 years ago and have been problem free (electrically speaking) since! Worth the time and materials!
  20. bvt69dart

    Questions about lights...

    I would think you could just use a '68 & up Headlight switch and they would work!
  21. bvt69dart

    Intermittent spark loss - then OK.

    I had a simular situation that turned out to be the reluctor coil. There is a resistance range for this coil, and the defective part was out of range. Hope this helps!
  22. bvt69dart

    New charging problem

    I had this happen when converting to an electronic volage regulator from a mechanical one. It turned out to be the voltage wire feeding the regulator had a voltage drop from where I could not determine. I tapped into another hot wire in the engine bay that was reading battery voltage, and...
  23. bvt69dart

    Suddenly a pulsing ammeter!?

    I've had this happen when the ground strap from the rear of engine to the firewall was left off.