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    Console into 74 Duster

    thanks for the info,i'll look that up.
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    Console into 74 Duster

    before you cut them off, i could use the measurements from the front of the shifter bracket to the front mount and the same to the rear
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    How often do you guys start your car over winter storage?

    milkshake oil and prematurely rusted exhaust.
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    How often do you guys start your car over winter storage?

    you have to be careful how much you start it up without getting up to operating temp, can cause condensation in the oil and in the exhaust system.
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    Using 2 alternators .....

    if you're just making it pleasing to the eye,don't hook it up,less parasitic drag and don't have to worry about extra wiring.
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    Help finding clearance!!!!

    I had 70 swinger with p/s and headers, the #1 tube went up and over the rest and actually come apart at the downturn so it was easier to get to the bolts on the rest.
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    oily shine in the second pic of the cylinder looks gritty also.
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    pitted cylinder and cross hatch........dingleberry hone with pistons in. could be the picture but the cross hatch does'nt look like it goes all the way to the piston in the second pic of the cylinder IMO.
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    Uncle Tony's response to Direct Connection

    maybe his Hemi is just a mock up block!
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    not sure what they're worth!

    hey there, I've been out of "the game" for quite some time. I was digging through my dad's basement yesterday and remembered that I had some parts stored there which have been there since the late 80's. Just wondering if there's any intrest in any of this stuff. I have a late 70's early 80's...
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    Wheel Hop

    i had the same setup on my 73 340 duster,no wheel hop. clamps were homemade and adjustable snubber
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    Shifter boot I'd?

    i had a 73 duster that had a boot like least i'm pretty sure, it's been like 25 years ago,LOL!
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    Lifter question...

    i think uncle tony's garage on youtube has a video on this exact subject.
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    Cluster light fuse keeps blowing

    can't remember if the colum has illumination in it for the gear shift, but maybe there's a wire that got pinched when you changed the ignition or turn switches
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    Speedometer delete

    or you could remove the whole cable and simply put a cap, like the ones you get on a hydraulic hose when you get them new, over the speedometer gear.
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    Speedometer delete

    you could probably just remove the drive cable from the outer cable and then put it back on the transmission to keep debris out,then all you would have to do is replace the drive cable when you wanted to.
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    first time poster,console question.

    thanks,i'm starting to get the hang of it
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    first time poster,console question.

    thanks car nut,i'm not very computer savoy
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    first time poster,console question.

    perfect! thank you very much.
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    first time poster,console question.

    i have a70 swinger and a 72 demon console and was wondering if anyone has tried to put a aftermarket shifter,like a b&m mega shifter in the console?
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    Seat belt bolt placement

    i'm not positive but i think the spacers go between the double attachment belts so they can swivel freely
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    Throwout bearing slipped off clutch fork

    make sure to check that the fork pivot is not bent or broke
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    71 dart swinger driver side wing window

    it seems to say 71 Dart swinger in the title
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    I swapped a 73 duster grill for a 70, all i changed was the grill, hood,bumper and the piece the hood latch is on.
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    Oil Filter Change

    i would change the oil before you put it away for the season,helps to keep the contaminants from settling out. once a year is a good idea regardless of mileage.