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  1. 'Bout Time!!

    8.8 swap

    I am thinking of doing this as well. What axles and hardware did you go with to accomplish this?
  2. 'Bout Time!!

    8.8 swap

    For the guys that have pulled these out of a scrap yard, are there any off the wall tools needed or would have made the removal easier? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on this!
  3. 'Bout Time!!

    steering coupler

    Gotcha, I was not intending to use a stock coupler. I was using a stock steering box at the time. I was trying to find a u joint that would work.
  4. 'Bout Time!!

    steering coupler

    Oh, man. I worked this out a while back. I don't recall the Borgeson coupler I ended up going with. It worked very well thoigh. Actually last night I removed it. I just finished installing the Gerst tubular front suspension and it changes to R&P. It uses two u- joints and a section of DD.
  5. 'Bout Time!!

    Which modern wiper motor?

    Do you know the part number on that switch?
  6. 'Bout Time!!

    [FOR SALE] 1972 VW Beetle

    1972 VW Beetle/bug. Mustang, Oklahoma $3,000 I've put in a new battery, carburetor, wheel cylinders, and brake lines. It is a project but pretty solid. I've just got too many of them. Price is OBO. Will need new tires.
  7. 'Bout Time!!

    [FOR SALE] 1955 Chrysler New Yorker Hemi

    1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis Deluxe Mustang, Oklahoma $14,900 I'm selling my 1955 Chrysler New Yorker! This has a 331 Hemi 4 barrel. It's a 2 speed transmission. It has power windows, power locks, electric seat, power steering, power brakes. This was restored about 16 years ago by my...
  8. 'Bout Time!!

    Project Riddler's Ride - 1976 Plymouth Duster

    Finally if anyone needs new sockets for the front marker lights on a 73-76 grill. A pair of 95-99 Dodge Neon sockets clip right into the grill markers. This changes the bulbs to 1156/1157 which are brighter and better. Riddler Do you have a party number for those Neon sockets?
  9. 'Bout Time!!

    Pics Of Mopar Wives

    Here's my lovely wife drying off the Green Goddess last year.
  10. 'Bout Time!!

    We Are Mopar-Gas Monkey Live

    Man that sucks, I was terrified of something like that. I hope it all works out for him. We'll be at the Route 66 show at Claremore Lake on the 24th.
  11. 'Bout Time!!

    We Are Mopar-Gas Monkey Live

    I was there with my 74 Duster
  12. 'Bout Time!!

    [SOLD] MSD READY-TO-RUN (8388)

    Do you still have this for sale? I've been thinking about one for a while. Any reason you changed to the other set up?
  13. 'Bout Time!!

    My 74 Duster Project

    Just checked on my car. It's so close!
  14. 'Bout Time!!

    [FOR SALE] 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T

    Thinking about selling my Challenger. It's an 09 RT. Has 69,000 miles, 6 speed, heated leather seats, sunroof. Has a Mopar strut tower brace, Mopar cold air intake, lowering springs, front and rear aftermarket sway bars, 20" Boss wheels, New rear tires, front tires are great also, and Magnaflow...
  15. 'Bout Time!!

    [FOR SALE] 1995 GT Mustang Convertible

    I have a very clean and all original Mustang for sale. I'm looking for $7500 obo. 5.0 v8, automatic, leather seats, tires are great, has 76,*** miles. I am the second owner. This car was very well cared for, garaged up until last year. 100% adult driven. Zero modifications. Drives great. Comes...
  16. 'Bout Time!!

    OKC bumper repair

    I'm in Yukon right now, just moved here. Not sure where we are gonna settle yet. Will start looking this spring.
  17. 'Bout Time!!

    OKC bumper repair

    Hey guys, I am new to the OKC area. I'm finally getting my Duster painted next month and I'm looking for someone that can straighten minor dents and dings in a steel bumper. I plan on having them powder coated after repair. Does anyone know of a place that can repair them? Or should I just go...
  18. 'Bout Time!!

    [SOLD] 1972 VW Bug

    I have a 72 VW bug up for sale. It is located in the Oklahoma city area.I'm asking $4,800. I recently bought this with some big plans. However, my Duster is going in for paint in spring and I need to free up the cash. It drives great for a 40+ year old car. The paint is pretty good. The interior...
  19. 'Bout Time!!

    8.8 swap

    Awesome! Thanks!
  20. 'Bout Time!!

    8.8 swap

    Jr, do you have any pictures of this? I'm having trouble visualizing it. Thanks!
  21. 'Bout Time!!

    8.8 swap

    How exactly do you move the rear back?
  22. 'Bout Time!!

    door mirror relocation

    Has anyone ever moved the side mirrors forward? I'm getting closer to paint on my Duster and I have some of the sport mirrors that I'll need to prepare for. I think the factory location on the doors feel too far rearwards. Thoughts?
  23. 'Bout Time!!

    Anything happening in Tulsa?

    Thanks guys! You will be seeing me around....
  24. 'Bout Time!!

    Anything happening in Tulsa?

    Wow, thanks guys! Bob, can you tell me the cruise in locations and dates. I have a 74 Duster with a 360. I've had it a little over four years and I should have it driving by the end of the month. Still need body and paint but I'm so close I can taste it. Barbee, I just moved from Ozark...
  25. 'Bout Time!!

    Anything happening in Tulsa?

    So I just relocated to the Tulsa area. Is there anything going on around here this summer? Mopar car shows, swap meets, drag races? Or even just a car show I could take my unfinished Duster to?
  26. 'Bout Time!!

    steering coupler

    Well, it looks like what you guys are using is for the manual box. I guess I should have included that mine is power. Does anyone know which one I should get for power steering?
  27. 'Bout Time!!

    This gives me hope for the future

    If I had known what I know now when I started, I would have jump on this. I have more than this in my 74'Duster and it's not this nice. But I do agree with Rusty and Dartnut, that Sun roof is bad.
  28. 'Bout Time!!

    Mopars Invade MoKan!

    How late do the festivities go to?
  29. 'Bout Time!!

    steering coupler

    Did you have to have that machined for the pins or did you just drill them out?