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  1. 69moredoor

    [SOLD] 1968/69 Dart Custom Door Badges

    I’ll take it. Pm Incoming
  2. 69moredoor

    East coast road trip need tips

    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center The National Museum of the Marine Corps Home SAVOY AUTO MUSEUM My picks for ya
  3. 69moredoor

    Which one of you guys forgot your car at Carlisle?

    Soooo. Is it still there?
  4. 69moredoor

    Which one of you guys forgot your car at Carlisle?

    It was on Facebook marketplace same time as the show for I think 6,400. Then ad was marked sold.
  5. 69moredoor

    Girl looking for a tall guy (6foot plus)

    Genetically, that’s not a she…should watch the vids of the interview. Ooof
  6. 69moredoor

    Is there any value to these old parts other than scrap value ???

    I’d post a list with sell it quick prices and no shipping on anything other than stuff that fits in flat rate boxes… Cheap but come get it. Then when that’s done scrap the rest.
  7. 69moredoor

    Orignal owner info

    I love tracking down info / history on things. I researched my d100 as all the papers were in it. I’m the third owner. Other two deceased. I also always pay for the history letters of colt and smith and Wesson firearms to see where they shipped to. The history of tools/vehicles/ etc is...
  8. 69moredoor

    A body on a modern car ?

    There’s a YouTube video of a guy putting an early dart on a bmw lower pan/chassis
  9. 69moredoor

    Please pray for Kitty

    Prayers sent
  10. 69moredoor

    M code barracuda

    Since it’s mopar…here’s how the museum got its name
  11. 69moredoor

    M code barracuda

    Went to the savoy auto museum just north of Atlanta. What an awesome place..
  12. 69moredoor

    67 valiant grill in a duster ?

    YouTube link ?
  13. 69moredoor

    Hurricane Ian

    That sucks…really liked that build
  14. 69moredoor

    Hurricane Ian

    Checking in on how things are going down there…I think I saw the dart elcamino on Facebook marketplace ? :(
  15. 69moredoor

    Old tripod Jack?

    Anyone have an idea on what make this Jack is? I found it in the woods. Remnants of yellow paint on the foot with the logo
  16. 69moredoor

    7 1/4 with 3:55's or even 3:23's

    So how is a stock 225 with a 994 and 3:23 compared to 2:9/2.7 whatever rears? Assuming stick tire size.. is it that bad on the highway?
  17. 69moredoor

    Am I Being Unreasonable? Original Owner Wants Car Back

    What you said and did was more than reasonable. My reply would have been …” here’s my email, here’s my work and personal cell number…if you’re ever ready to sell, please let me know…I’m starting to save up right this second and will be ready when I get that call from you”
  18. 69moredoor

    LS Headed 4 Cyl From Blueprint

    Willys cj2a/3a/m38 etc.
  19. 69moredoor

    Work Smarter Not Harder

    Actually got one on Amazon a few years ago
  20. 69moredoor

    Could use some prayers....

    Prayers sent
  21. 69moredoor

    Brake conundrum

    Thanks fellers
  22. 69moredoor

    Brake conundrum

    It’s on my 79 d-100. Forgot..
  23. 69moredoor

    Brake conundrum

    Got a Brake question that has me chasing my tail… New master cylinder Old booster Lines bled and bled and bled Check valve in booster checked My old master was leaking so I replaced it. Brakes were soft at the time After repairs: have firm great feeling brakes when car is off Start car…they...
  24. 69moredoor

    Mopar RTV FTW

    Will it seal a 904 pan lolll
  25. 69moredoor

    Still learning a bodies and got an earlier mopar..

    They were small so assuming mice
  26. 69moredoor

    Still learning a bodies and got an earlier mopar..

    Scored this old farm truck. She’s rusty but all there. It’s a someday In The future project but for now she’s art at the gf’s farm. Finding 7.50-20 tires are hard..anyone have hood emblems layin around?
  27. 69moredoor

    [FOR SALE] Barracuda "FISH" fender emblem

    I’ll take this one too