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    How old are you and how long have you raced

    I bought a 1974 Duster 360 in 1975 . Started racing in 1975. My first pass was low 9's in the 1/8th. I'm still racing the same car. Now run's 5.40 in the 1/8th. Same body and factory paint but tube chassis. Can't imagine life without racing. By the way I'm going to be 68 in july.
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    Winter transmission builds

    I don't understand why so many people think you need a glide. Most of the guys I know that run a glide have at least 2 of them and 3 or more converters. I've also seen some go slower with a glide vs 3 speed. Been drag racing 48 years with a torqueflite never blew one up . Been with A&A for over...
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    dyno session

    I`d turn the oil pressure down to 70 psi ,more hp. I run 70 at 7200rpm
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    Roll Bar / Door Handle Interference

    My 74 duster came with the door release at the top of the door frame from the factory. Look at one and see if its something you can copy
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    How excited do you get about racing ??

    Bought a 74 360 Duster in 1975 been racing it every year since 1976. It ran 15os then now 8.60s .Can't imagine life without it. All the people I've met and friends I made. Met my wife at the track. Every year I look forward to seeing the people as much as racing.
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    Indy Cylinder moves into the future

    Have known them for over 20 years great couple one of the better things to happen for Indy Cylinder Head .
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    Track fee’s

    160.00 for 2 days 1500.00 to win each day 2000.00 to win if 60 cars or more. 25.00 for tnt . You mentioned entry fees but didn't mention pay out
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    Indy Cylinder Head business sold

    Have known Chris and Charley for years, bought several things from them. Great people to deal with and talk to. This is great news, wish them the best.Tom
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    Under Hood NHRA Battery Hold Down

    If the battery is in the stock location, the stock hold down is legal for NHRA.
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    Tube chassis

    Call Chris Alston tech line I used them and would never consider anyone else. Their advice and products work great. I have the car to prove it.
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    Why does the suspension look like i drove over a rock?

    Try running more tire pressure adding a 1/4 lb. at a time until your 60 ft. starts to slow then go back to the best 60 ft pressure. Just a thought.
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    Won the Wally

    The race was 1/4 mile. If you go on face book under cedar falls motor sport park there are some pics. Sorry I don't have any, will try to get some. Thanks again everyone. Tom
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    Won the Wally

    Sorry I don't have any pics. I know there are some on face book. Thanks for all the congrats. Tom
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    Won the Wally

    I've been racing for 41 years and finally this weekend it all came together. I was dialed 8.89 all day and my 74 duster ran on every time I needed it too. If you ever get the chance to race for a wally you have to try it's a great feeling. Tom
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    Eddyville Ia

    Will be there on the 22nd for the mopar race. Look for the black 74 duster, ask for Tom. Hope to see some of you there.
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    Trans brake valve body

    I've never had a problem with the sol. I don't know of any reason to use it for more than 90 seconds anyway.
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    Trans brake valve body

    I've been using A&A trans brake since 1991 with no problems. I wouldn't use any other brake. My car currently runs 8.70's when I was in the 10.00's I went over 900 passes between freshen's. Good luck with your build. Tom
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    I havn't been to the track yet. I tried indexing the plugs once and there was no difference in performance. I can buy the E3 for $5.45 ea. and the NGK for $3.10 ea. So I'll spend that little extra for the power.
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    We where using MSD 7al, Indy 440-1 alum. heads with the same NGK 5672-8 plugs that made the most hp in testing before this. After more than 40 yrs. of racing I always try to use the parts that make the most power with accurate testing. We where very surprised with the results ourselves. This was...
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    Yes it is higher, just not as high as I was hoping for. Plug change went from 846 hp to 864 hp
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    I used the plugs E3 recommended. I don't know how the heat ranges compared to each other. I have nothing to go by. I don't have any pictures but the E3's definetly have a different looking electrode on them. We where surprised at the hp gain also.
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    Yes the tests where only minutes apart, everything was the same only the plugs where different
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    My bad the NGK number is R5672-8
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    NGK R5872-8 same plug I've used in the past. The E3 number is E3.106
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    The plugs I took out where brand new. I don't put old plugs in a new motor
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    E3 Spark plugs do work

    I had my rebuilt 526 ci big block dyno'd this weekend. After everything was dialed in I tried a set of E3 plugs. We couldn't hardly believe it. Picked up 18hp just changing plugs. Wanted to let people know I guess their adds are true.
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    Need roller lifters, mine are junk

    Had that problem a few year back when oil companies kept changing additives. Switched to Brad Penn and haven't had a problem since. Just something else to look at. I have 300 lbs. of seat pressure on my big block.
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    4 Link/Back Half

    I have a ladder bar backhalf frame I want to sell. Send me a PM if interested Tom
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    But joint on roll cage?

    My car is certified to 7.50 with 2 bars butt welded with internal sleeves . You need 2 rosetts top and bottom on both sides of the butt weld