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    One Click Higher

    You need the gear load to make a turbo car boost, correct? Take the gear out and loose the boost, not the right direction. Too late in the year to go changing stuff now.
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    sparkle glass cleaner

    Showing my age for a moment, Way back in 1979 I bought a new Mustang Cobra. I used some window cleaner made by Mothers. It was a crème consistency and it would dry after a minute of application. Took a towel and dusted it off, similar to wax. I liked it well but, quit being so fanatical about my...
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    Transmission mount for a drag car.

    I have alway used an Energy Suspension poly insert number 51101 in a tired old stock mount. Replaced the crossmember on my 72 Duster so I could use the same on it. Moroso solid steel engine mounts and the poly trans mount allow enough movement that, I have never broken a trans case or tailshaft.
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    Mickey Thompson pistons

    I have a set of 1992 year, Venolia’s that were run at .007 clearance, in a .030 overbore 440. They make a little rattle at cold start but, within a minute the noise abated. No boy racer free revving!
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    E-street vs Promaxx vs 440 Source

    Cost of machining was the reason for me to buy Edelbrock heads, rather than more port work on 906 heads. 50 year old castings have already cost me one engine, learned that lesson, as a besides, benefit. 906’s are still somewhat available but, in my opinion, they need hardened valve seats and...
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    Power tools

    I have found, over a good period of years, that using impact power tools have saved me from breaking rusted, stuck, or otherwise damaged fasteners, more than using manual tools. One of my coworkers nearly always would hit screw heads with a hammer before, attempting to remove them.
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    Paint Color Opinions?

    When I painted my Cuda, years back, the paint store chose the color for me. I had done all the rubbing I wanted to do and went to get the Lemon Twist paint, I thought would look best. Paint place didn’t have the tint base required so, Viper Dandelion became the color, solely from availability.
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    My quest for a 9, I failed.

    There’s what I was thinking, 60’ times should be 1.3?
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    fuel problem

    Treed by PRH!
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    M-1 single plane intake on a 440 [ not a stroker ].

    Running the small chamber Edelbrock heads, bolted on straight out of the box. Friends that I got the car from are NSS racers and used the 10.5 x 33. Guess what tire our car has? With the tall tire 4.88 works pretty well.
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    M-1 single plane intake on a 440 [ not a stroker ].

    My current racer is a 1978 Dodge Challenger, with a 440. Engine is a stock forged crank, with Eagle rods and forged pistons, with a .509 hydraulic purple shaft. July 4th weekend it run 11.11, in the heat of the day and 119.6 mph. TM7 was in it when I got the car and I was lucky enough to get a...
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    Best Small Block Stock Eliminator Engine Builder

    If you where in Ohio I would suggest Bob Kammer, in Dayton. He has several fast Stocker, small block Mopar racers, running out of his shop.
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    Adding Weight or ballast in the trunk.

    HeyFever, I get that some times. As far as ballast goes think of a barbell, put the weights out at the ends, like normal. Now try to rotate one end of the bar down and touch the ground. Next move the weight much farther in, towards your hands and see how much easier it is to flip the bar, end...
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    Adding Weight or ballast in the trunk.

    Best place for ballast in an E body is the rear floor. Made my old car work better when I removed weights from the trunk to the center, above the axle, in the passenger compartment. I suppose if a car had the rear seat, ballast would work good, under the seat or behind the front seats. Weight...
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    Chassis Tuning

    Then you are started in the correct direction. I replaced the bushings in the front of mine and used urethane with lots of silicone grease. I know lots of guy’s don’t like urethane but, with a 440 sitting on top of them they done me proud. The ball joints in mine were nice and free originals...
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    Short Saturday of 10.5 index racing

    Looks like you were workin’ it, like the Ho’s up on the next corner. Awesome that you know your ride well enough to play for Thousandths of a second.
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    Chassis Tuning

    Find the smallest diameter torsion bars, that fit your chassis. That will start you on the right path then, you will need to find the things you need to loosen up the motion of every moving part of the front end. Don’t surrender reliability for freedom of the suspension parts. The hardest piece...
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    Milodon single line oiling

    I haven’t seen it in a while but, if I remember correctly the friends 68 Dart line goes out the front and has a hard line making a 180, around the mount, underneath.
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    400/450 stroker....Cheap parts, lotta work.

    Buddy was an Oldsmobile nut, way back, when a 350 Rocket could be bought for $100, or so. Had a couple crankshafts lined up along the wall in his garage and evidently the dog or brother, knocked one over. It laid there what was supposed to have been a short period!, and relaxed to the point of...
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    Expected Improvements for 2021 ??

    I put Edelbrock closed chamber heads on our 78 Challenger, last year and never got to the track with it. I don’t expect more than .1 improvement because, I did no port work.
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    3.9L V6 Swap?

    Always wondered if the 3.9 could be pushed very hard because, the engineers limited the revs, for a reason. I assumed there was an balance issue with the 90* V6 and they err on the side of smooth. Had a yell yellie jelly bean Dakota and did like how it drove but I didn’t equate it to a Hemi.
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    How much would you pay.....

    Back when the Army took me to the Autobahn, there wasn’t a straight section to be found. They purposely bent those roads to keep you interested(awake). Being the avid motorcyclist, I had not 1 complaint. But I really enjoyed, when the locals didn’t appreciate my driving, I would get a hand...
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    what size master cylinder bore?

    I liked that 1 1/8 bore MC, on my factory disc E body but, as everyone has said, it was a little numb at the brake pedal. You could stomp on it and it would stop, without any fuss but, if I were gonna do any street driving smaller may have been better and that’s what is on my current toy. Now to...
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    Synthetic oil use on flat tappet cam after break in

    Parents bought a Ford Tempo back in 1987 just as I got out of the military. After break-in we switched to Mobil1 and changed at 5000 mile intervals. Car run great until 175,000 miles, when the oil pump quit. Before Dad could get off I-75 it started to clatter. I went investigating and found the...
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    Lithium batteries

    Car batteries made with lithium based cells are prone to flipping polarity, if discharged too far. Usually they swell and break open before they catch fire. Charging a battery, with cells that has reversed, does very bad things. I believe it is law that, some type of warning or shutdown be included.
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    why a custom built converter isn't for everyone....

    318 you probably aren’t changing things that will make a monster change of HP. A custom converter for today’s combo will not be that far off tomorrow! Whatcha think?
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    piston groove

    That’s a good plan it will give you opportunity to go to a lighter piston and ring combo because, it sounds like it needs it.
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    Starting a BB Duster project

    Screw on old lug nuts, at your chosen length and abrasive wheel those studs off. BS on taking that thing apart, unless trust is an issue.
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    shots from the garage...

    Welding job looks nice to me. It appears you had some good heat in it and it will hold up to the abuse now.