1965 Valiant Barracuda Formula "S"

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  1. pishta
    Nope, they are centering rings, machined out of brass on a lathe. I had an hour to kill at my old old job and had some brass laying around. Those are old Centerline Chevy 2 rims, deep offset but 4.75 bolt pattern. I redrilled them and had to use the centering ring to index the wheel to the hub, the lugs are not perfect, but the holes are a little bigger, not real important on a Mope. Its common on imports. I had a pic somewhere of a modern 5X100mm rim on a 5 on 4 hub and how it mounted, but you can see the lugs are not centered and the hub register is not correct (Mopar rims are hubcentric, ie. a tight fit on the hub and the lugnuts just hold it on. Some are lugcentric (chevy) where the lugs center the rim.
    I used a set of adapters long time ago on the rear before I traded the 5 on 4.5's worked great and gave me an inch more track in the back. Bought for 10, Sold them for 50 bucks! Who says This hobby is a money pit?
  2. faster4231
    Eeewww are those wheel adapters? Gross. LOL

    Yo Pishta, its Faster (jason santa ana)
    1. pishta
      no, they are Chevy rims drilled on a 5 on 4 SBP axle. I had adapters but didnt like them.
      pishta, Mar 4, 2019
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