1968 Barracuda Notchback: Paint and Body 2014

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  • The following is an abridged version of the 9 months my car spent at Rod's Car Craft.

    First three pictures are circa 2005 and represent what the car looked like before.
    2005_Picture_#1.jpg 2005_Picture_#2.jpg 2005_Picture_#3.jpg
    After disassembly - off to the paint shop:
    Body and Paint 01.jpg
    First step, media blasting:
    Body and Paint 02.jpg Body and Paint 03.jpg Body and Paint 04.jpg
    And an etch primer:
    Body and Paint 05.jpg Body and Paint 06.jpg
    Damage to the door jamb around the strikers:
    Body and Paint 07.jpg Body and Paint 08.jpg
    Repaired using the kit from Dynamic Renovations:
    Body and Paint 09.jpg Body and Paint 10.jpg
    After primer:
    Body and Paint 11.jpg
    And after paint:
    Body and Paint 12.jpg
    Area a previous owner removed for "spark plug access" on the driver's side:
    Body and Paint 13.jpg
    And after the donor inner fender was installed with all extraneous holes filled:
    Body and Paint 14.jpg
    Area a previous owner removed for "spark plug access" on the passenger side:
    Body and Paint 15.jpg
    Shock tower repair:
    Body and Paint 16.jpg
    Inner fender replaced:
    Body and Paint 17.jpg
    Collision damage on the driver's side rocker:
    Body and Paint 18.jpg
    Cut out:
    Body and Paint 19.jpg
    And replaced with a donor piece:
    Body and Paint 20.jpg
    The radiator support was replaced with square tube including brackets for the valance mounts and nutserts for attaching the latch support:
    Body and Paint 21.JPG
    Firewall before:
    Body and Paint 22.jpg
    Firewall during body work:
    Body and Paint 23.jpg
    Engine compartment after primer:
    Body and Paint 24.jpg
    Radiator support after paint:
    Body and Paint 25.JPG
    Engine bay after paint:
    Body and Paint 26.jpg
    Trunk before, was cut our for fuel cell:
    Body and Paint 27.jpg
    Inner wheel tub replacement and clean up, along with additional tire clearance:
    Body and Paint 28.jpg
    Frame put in place to stiffen the rear and support the 36 gallon tank:
    Body and Paint 29.jpg
    36 gallon tank with submersed fuel pump:
    Body and Paint 30.jpg
    Trunk after primer:
    Body and Paint 31.jpg
    Trunk after paint:
    Body and Paint 32.jpg
    Torque boxes, sub frame connectors and spring relocation:
    Body and Paint 33.jpg
    2nd hanger for duals:
    Body and Paint 34.JPG
    Under chassis with tinted bedliner:
    Body and Paint 35.jpg
    Collision damage on driver's quarter, especially hideous is the crease 6" behind the door:
    Body and Paint 36.JPG
    After some metal massage it flattened out as if it was never there. Body filler is no more than a skim coat anywhere on the car!
    Body and Paint 37.jpg
    Modifications were needed to squeeze in the T-56 Magnum 6 speed:
    Body and Paint 38.jpg
    Welding was involved:
    Body and Paint 39.jpg
    And a new tunnel:
    Body and Paint 40.jpg
    Console brackets were salvaged and set to make the new transmission shifter come through the stock console opening:
    Body and Paint 41.jpg
    New openings for stock style dual tips:
    Body and Paint 42.jpg
    F&B Performance modified my "new" P3690982 intake. They opened up the top to accept their 2 bbl throttle bodies, did some port clean up work, added injector bungs into the runners, and added fuel rails:
    Body and Paint 43.jpg
    Then we had to make it fit in the car:
    Body and Paint 44.jpg
    Barely clears the wiper motor:
    Body and Paint 45.jpg
    The air cleaner they sent would not clear my six pack hood:
    Body and Paint 46.jpg
    But I was able to get a six pack air cleaner modified and low enough to do the job:
    Body and Paint 47.jpg
    I found a used AAR fiberglass six pack hood locally that needed minimal work:
    Body and Paint 48.jpg
    Driver's side after all the major work:
    Body and Paint 49.jpg Body and Paint 50.jpg
    Passenger side:
    Body and Paint 51.jpg
    Here is a front view with the "Spoilers by Randy" metal spoiler installed:
    Body and Paint 52.jpg
    Pictures with the new wheels and tires and front fender modifications. Front fender mods are covered in a separate garage.
    18x9 Front with 255/40-18; 18x10 Rear with 295/40-18; Nice track tires and wheels.
    On the rear the 295 is a 27.2" tall tire and has about 1" clearance on the outside and about 2-1/4" on the inside. A 345/30-19 is the same height and comes in at 2" wider. Future street tires can be as wide as a 345 and still fit in this car. The front tire is 26" tall. I can easily fit a 18x10 with a 275/35-18 on the front.
    Body and Paint 53.jpg Body and Paint 54.jpg
    Car ready for primer:
    Body and Paint 55.jpg
    Primer and guide coat, ready for block sanding:
    Body and Paint 56.jpg
    After some block sanding:
    Body and Paint 57.jpg Body and Paint 58.jpg
    Final coat of primer:
    Body and Paint 59.jpg Body and Paint 60.jpg Body and Paint 61.jpg
    Front header panel and lower valence before and after:
    Body and Paint 62.jpg Body and Paint 63.jpg
    Engine compartment, trunk, jambs, rockers, undercar, inside of doors, and etcetera done, prepping for final paint:
    Body and Paint 64.jpg Body and Paint 65.jpg Body and Paint 66.jpg Body and Paint 67.jpg Body and Paint 68.jpg Body and Paint 69.jpg
    Finally!!! Paint!!!
    Body and Paint 70.jpg Body and Paint 71.jpg Body and Paint 72.jpg Body and Paint 73.jpg Body and Paint 74.jpg Body and Paint 75.jpg Body and Paint 76.jpg
    And more sanding, and more polishing:
    Body and Paint 77.jpg
    Ready to head to the house:
    Body and Paint 78.jpg
    In the garage, assembly time:
    Body and Paint 79.JPG Body and Paint 80.JPG

    In the driveway!
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  1. Mark Nall
    very very nice
      mosleyme likes this.
  2. Hemi_Manny
    what is your rear end cut down too? front suspension set up?"
    and whats the update on the car? is it done yet? Love it!!!
    1. mosleyme
      axle flange to axle flange is 55.75". About 2" narrower than a stock A-body axle. The rear springs are relocated, the axle was sized such that a 1" offset wheel is centered in the space between the frame and the wheel lip.

      Front is 1.12" torsion bars; '75 spool K-frame modified to clear the BB Milodon circle track pan; K-frame welded and reinforced; tubular upper and lower control arms; Borgeson 14:1 power box; pitman support; roller bearing idler arm; C-body tie rods; 1-1/8" sway bar.
      mosleyme, Jun 23, 2018
    2. mosleyme
      Work on car has been on hold for a few years, should start up again very soon.
      mosleyme, Jun 23, 2018
  3. Jasin
    You get the Thorough Build Award. Sick Ride.
      mosleyme likes this.
  4. Cleary67
    Baaad Asss!!!!!
      mosleyme likes this.
  5. mosleyme
    Late Model Restoration, they are for a Mustang. 18x9 Front with 255/40-18; 18x10 Rear with 295/40-18.
      ValiantOne likes this.
  6. ValiantOne
    Loving your wheel tire combo! Mind sharing manufacturer and sizes?
    1. mosleyme
      Since they are for a late model Mustang they may not fit a stock front brake hub, something may have to be modified to make it work.
      mosleyme, Aug 26, 2016
      ValiantOne likes this.
  7. duster007
    wow "Damm that's tight"!
      mosleyme likes this.
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