1967 A-body based Ghia 450/SS



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Feb 6, 2009
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Here's an interesting one.
Basically '66 Formula S power train, drivetrain and I think suspension inside a handbuilt body-frame.
I looked for one of these about ten years ago when they were $15,000 to $20,000 cars - misses my chance to own one.

1967 Ghia 450SS

Here's a good summary that I had not seen before, this and other great info is contained in the comments section.


This is another treason to my a lotto ticket tonight.
meh, not impressed...looks like another great car died at the hands of a chivy guy...i would file it with that demon elcamino and fireturd that show up from time to time

wait, i am a little impressed he managed to find small bolt pattern wheels, but thats it
That article is really poor. Typical internet content filling material.

I think they are really cool. The way the article is written and the poor picture is part of the negative replies here.

I've never heard the corvette killer take on the development. I have the 66 sports car graphic article. Does not draw any comparisons to a corvette. I think it's more of a Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes SL type deal but custom personal luxury appeal.

Johnny Carson had one. So did Wilt Chamberlin.

I looked at one in a shop that was a barn fine from a widow about 7 years ago. She wanted over $20k for it.

There was a guy in Santa Fe Springs/Downey area that specialized in these 450 SS's. In 1999 I was curious about the and they were around $20k-25k nice redone, paint and interior car.

There was a fully Concours restored one that's come to spring fling a couple times. He said one traded around the $100k mark fully tilt done.

The euro hybrids stuff has really jumped in value. ISO Griffo, Intermechina, Monteverdi, A/C, Facel Vega....
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Just A Car Guy: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda rebodied by Ghia... renamed the 450SS. One of 52 made

The first thing that came to my mind was that it reminded me of a Jaguar E-type. Doesn't look bad, front end looks a little funny. Isn't Ghia the one who designed the body on the Chrysler Turbine cars.
I like it, reminds me a bit of the story behind the Sunbeam Tiger.

Also a bit of the AC Cobra getting the 427 engine and becoming the Shelby Cobra.

Muscle car history of that era was rich with people trying to combine the best of everything to find ultimate driving performance.
I thought "Iso Griffo".

I like it.

I saw a 1 of 16 built Dual Ghia about 30 years ago, out in the middle of nowhere rural central FL.

383 powered IIRC.
I have been interested in these (450SS) for a number of years. There's also Jensen Interceptors, Bristol 407s, Hemi powered Allard's, and Monteverdi's High Speed 375S
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thought it looked a little like another Chryco cousin, the Jensen Interceptor