[FOR SALE] 1973 Duster (360) - $6500 - Minnesota

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Oct 18, 2010
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1973 Plymouth Gold Duster. Came from Wyoming and has little rust. Car was originally a slant six, now Small Block v8 360 CI. Complete professionally rebuilt motor. Bored 40 over, balanced, Edelbrock Cam, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock aluminum intake, and carb. 904 transmission has been gone through by transmission shop. Aluminum Eagle Alloy Wheels. 8 1/4 rear end, front disk rear drum, larger hole pattern, power steering, new style mini starter, electronic pickup.

Full Picture Album - https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hj88o2cNTyvGWEs66

$6500 OBO - Located in Hastings, Minnesota

I have over 10 invested, most in the motor, as I had to hire it out.

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Posting all of your pictures HERE might help. I know a lot of people cannot stand outside links and would rather stay on this site to look for items.

That and after looking at the car, it's not a 6500 dollar car. You did ask for tips.
No luck selling so far...any tips? Looking at a decent loss already

you want an honest opinion or something to make you feel good?

car is priced too high.. the body needs work, the int is trashed engine bay look horrible... i don't care how much ya have in the engine, you are asking too much for that car..
I love the 73 dusters but I can’t get the other pictures to open
But I did give your car a once over
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