42 years later, Honest



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Feb 4, 2011
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Victoria B.C. Canada
When I was but a lad, 1969, I installed headers on my 340 Dart, took all the old nuts a bolts, and threw in my "one of everything" box...I'm now putting it back to stock, bought proper exhaust manifolds,, and during sleep a coupla nites ago,, flashed on this "one of everything" box that used to be in my Parents garage,, but now was buried in one of my sheds,, in the box, I found the two long Bolts/nuts that fit the driver's side manifold... too weird man...
You're lucky to be a pack rat type of person. The attaching hardware kit for those manifolds was about $55 the last time I looked.
I keep every thing too. But it seames like I go through every now and then and say why am I saving this and through it away. Then a few weeks later I am working on some thing and could of used it. O well. LOL
Got the manifolds from a FABO member, thank-you Altered68GTS..

Happy about the heatshield, can't remember where I put the old one ;-) , but when clearing out folks house after they passed,, found my original Valve covers..

Memory... Yeah,, an, sometimers I can't remember why I went in the bathroom,, but can remember that 392 Hemi was heaviest auto production engine at 762 lbs.. go figure.. lol

Think my hairs growing on the inside now, and tickling my brain.. sheesh