528 Wedge on assembly bench. Season is approaching

Thank you! Yes it’s a 2.25 intake valve. It has an R3 cam from Indy. .776/.752 lift with my 1.6 jesel rockers. 285/296 @ .050 and 111 LSA. The new R3 has a 110 LSA but mine is older and is 111.

It’s been as fast as 8.68 @ 153mph
At 2825lbs in 1/4 mile. That was footbraking when we first built the car and put the 528 in.

Since then I have went to delay box top bulb racing it’s been all 1/8 mile and my fastest was 5.530 at 124.45mph.
I remember seeing this car elsewhere. Nice job, runs well!
I remember seeing this car elsewhere. Nice job, runs well!
Thank you. It’s a fun car that’s for sure. Made many changes over the years. But overall very happy with the way the car runs and performs as well as being reliable and consistent.
Nice car and cool motor build!!! I had thoughts of building similar engine at one time then went off track and built a G2 Hemi! :BangHead:
73smallblock thank you!

4mopwr: Oh you poor guy my
Dad has a G2 Hemi and as much as i love his car and setup, I prefer my
Wedge engine
Well this was sent to me yesterday. He will be putting crank trigger wheel, and mandrel on today for vac pump and alternator pulley. Due to weather being crappy the next few days, I’ll be bringing it home Wednesday and putting it in the car on Thursday as long as my work week goes well.

I could only dream of 2825lbs. I'm all exciteed to get to 3300.
Haha. trust me that was one of the reasons I bought the car back in 2011. I am a B-body guy at heart only because I was raised around my dads 68 Hemi Roadrunner and my uncles 71 6-pack Roadrunner, but I certainly do not complain one bit about having a light A-body.