6.1 Hemi 69 Barracuda Fastback Father Son Project

Following! All the detail is awesome!
I've never used lizard skin ( ceramic or sound deadner) does it stay flexible? or can you sand and paint at a later date?
Following! All the detail is awesome!
I've never used lizard skin ( ceramic or sound deadner) does it stay flexible? or can you sand and paint at a later date?
Both products dry hard.
They say it can be sanded if desired. They also say, any automotive grade paint can be used as a topcoat...
Both Lizard Skin products can be applied on the inside or the outside and then a topcoat applied...

From Lizard Skin FAQ's:

"LizardSkin's easy-to-apply, spray-on application is environmentally safe and can be cleaned with soap and water. It can also be sanded and painted to your desired body color."

"Can you paint over LizardSkin?
If another color is desired, any automotive-grade paint is suitable for use on top of LizardSkin as long as LizardSkin is completely cured (at least 2 days of drying in 70˚F (15˚C) ."
First time using Lizard Skin. Ceramic went on today.
A couple days to fully dry and then it will get a topcoat.
Trunk will get body color paint topcoat, the rest that will be under carpet or headliner will just get gloss black.
All the exposed painted surfaces in the passenger compartment will be body color except the dash frame.
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Lizard Skin done. Black Top coat on all but the trunk and inside the quarters.
Body color base coat, clear coat as top coat for the trunk and inside the quarter panels.
Will eventually get covered with a carpeted trunk enclosure, but until then it will be body color.
Engine bay received base coat/clear coat also.
Next - Assembly, a little more block sanding and it will be ready for paint.

Looks black without much light.

But it's modified Viper Gunmetal Pearl... covered with sanding dust of course.




Already a bunch of sanding dust piling up inside...


Considered using sheet sound deadener over paint in the trunk but decided paint over lizard skin instead.
Decided to mask off the spare tire well. No lizard skin in the well, just paint.
Glad we decided to go with body color for the topcoat over the lizard skin in the trunk instead of black.
I know, it looks black in pictures but it is gray.
It's also parked under another car that is on a lift so there isn't much light getting in there.

Planning to put a correct diameter skinny spare in the spare tire well. Will need to be a bigger diameter wheel than the original 14" spare that came in the car, to fit over the rear discs for sure.
14" Rallye wheels don't clear, I was going to try and use them as rollers but they wouldn't fit over the calipers.
I believe I can use a 2008-2019 Ford Taurus spare wheel and tire (155/70-R17, 5x114.3 BP) unless we change to a taller tire size.
This size will lay flat in the well and not stick up higher than the floor. The rim is 17"x4.5"
Only calculating so far... have not bought one yet but should be relatively inexpensive and not too hard to find.
Will see if I can find one local first, but there seems to be lots of them on EBay.
Pic of one on ebay

A Google search returned 35 vehicles that use 5x114.3 BP... so there are other candidates out there but the Taurus tire size is almost a perfect match for our tire diameters, front and rear... for now.
Stopped by the shop yesterday.
Engine Bay Sanded and polished. Core Support Blacked out.

Next will put the fenders, hood, front valance and trunk lid on, set all the gaps, finish block sanding...

Today I went to the shop and punched a 4.5" hole for fresh air for the CAI.

Before... US Car Tool Core Support with no hole.

After... hole punch.
4.5" diameter hole will let air in directly behind the grill.
The US Car Tool Radiator Core Support is about 1/8" thick steel.
My Harbor Freight Hydraulic Punch with a 4.5" Die and Punch set from Amazon did a nice job making a clean round hole. Will most likely use this same hole to pass the front headlight and parking light harness through.

New radiator opening is for a 26" Champion radiator. Original opening only fit a 22" radiator.
Here is what it looked like when we started disassembly... Some of the factory "Blackout" still in tact...

Now some 1000 grit to start... don't worry, it will be even better after wet sand, polish, buff, wax, etc.

It will look something like this. Trunk lid after first polish.
Too bad it was cloudy outside...
Getting close to putting these wing window assemblies back on the car.
Chrome by Art Brass in Seattle.
These look so awesome!!! I'm going to have to polish the **** out of the stainless door trim, rain gutters, front and rear windshield trim, and they still won't come anywhere close to looking this good.






Need to find a 69 Fastback LH clear door window... at some point it was replaced and was the only tinted glass on the car... finding lots of Tinted Door Glass, so far there isn't much clear out there.
Have an offer for free but 800 mile round trip to remove it... Found an NOS one but it's a small fortune... Aftermarket is available but prefer good used OEM glass...
Yup, this stainless door-glass trim is going to need a bit of work... has some deep scratches and a couple dents too. Don't think it will come out as good as the chrome but will get it close-ish...
My part time office for most of the last couple weeks... back to it on Monday.


Some of my staging area. Stainless needs a lot of work and is very time consuming...


Some of my many bins of small parts. Multiple bigger bins and a few big boxes are out of view but they're there... All waiting their turns to go back in or on the car.

You are into, probably, the most tedious of work now. Good on you and your patience!!! Not for the faint of heart!!
You are into, probably, the most tedious of work now. Good on you and your patience!!! Not for the faint of heart!!
Learning as I go.
Tedious and time consuming, sometimes frustrating, but every hour I'm not paying someone else's labor rate, is a reduction in the total bill... Seems like it wouldn't be that much but it really adds up fast.
Learned that the buffer can quickly undue hours of work with a single slip... also learned I could fix it though. Folded a piece right in half... Doh!
Was worried it would break when I straightened it but it didn't. I can still tell where I bent it but I doubt anyone else will ever notice it. I'll be glad when I'm all done with the stainless.
Note to self... Headliner Bow Color/Order.
All mine were the same colors except one, what is left looks more like purple than magenta... "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
When laid out they are shortest to longest from front to rear.