64 Barracuda factory steel wheel paint colors



Jun 28, 2023
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Savannah, GA
My car was painted factory gold and the wheels are currently black. I am going to replace the tires, so I thought this would be as good of a time as any to sandblast and repaint the 13” rims. I was thinking of painting the wheels white since I am going with blackwall tires and I was thinking the white strip that shows between the full wheel cover and tire would give it a sort of “faux” whitewall look without all the scrubbing and Bleach White. I have never thought about it or really paid any attention on other cars, but were all wheels painted black if equipped with full wheel covers on ‘64 A bodies? If no, were different sets of wheel color options based on the color of the car, etc. And, no, I like the little 13 inchers and I don’t want to upgrade to 14”-15” wheels; somebody always brings that up.
If any of the rim was visible on my 65, which is on 13s with factory hubcaps, I'd paint it body colour.
My rims are black.
That's my 2 cents..

What I know of all wheels were black when you had full wheel covers. Cars with dog dish had body color on the rims.
How do you replace 13" tires now?
I have a Dryrotted spare in my trunk...
They are still available- may be special order but you can get them. A lot of European cars still run them I was told by my local tire guy. They are allowed to keep tires on the shelf for like 2-3 years and have to dispose of them. They get sent here where a tire is able to be sold as “new “ till age 5. Lots of info on boob tube about date codes and tires and what to look out for.

What I was told- I never looked into it personally.
The caps were stacked inside the car when I bought it and after holding one up to the rim, I was surprised to see that there is virtually no lip of the rim visible at all around the edge of the cover, so the paint color on the rim is really moot from a styling perspective. Should have check that first! I have more gloss black paint on hand, so black it is! Yeah, the 13” tires are not plentiful but they are available and still reasonably priced. Maybe not be as “roadable” as a 14-15” tire, but I find that they are fine with a slant six, anyway.