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    I have a 66 dodge dart and I have what I believe to be a 7 and 1/4 Rear end and have found that it will not hold the power of the swap I am doing from slant 6 225 to a 318. I was wondering what rear end I should use. I was thinking a ford 8.8 might work but I don't know how I would go about shortening it or anything. So what rear end would you recommend. It's My first engine swap and needing some help. Also if you know where to find tranny mounts for a 727 that would be great. But basically what's an easy and cheap way to put a new rear end in my dart. I am guessing the 73 f250 rear end I have won't work lol.
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    Ill take a stab at this.

    The easiest is to find a donor car same year and model with an 8 3/4 rear, driveshaft, shock plates, u joints etc.

    The 73 f250 rear you have have could be shortened and reworked to fit but it would be the same work as an 8.8 ( i'm assuming it is a ford 9") but if it is a full floating Dana 60 or the like there would be more work involved.

    Depending on what you are planning to do with the car and HP out of the engine you could just stick with the 7 1/4. There are many members who have put HP into a 7 1/4 with out issue.

    There are lots of vendors (Cass at Dr. Diff) who will sell you a fully rebuilt rear the correct size and be a bolt in.

    ultimately if you want to do an 8 3/4 swap you will need the following:

    8 3/4 center section (like the 3dr member on a ford 9") with the correct size input yoke for the u-joints
    A-Body 8 3/4 axle housing
    A-body 8 3/4 axles (small bolt pattern to match your front wheels)
    You can reuse your 7 1/4 brakes ( most likely)
    brake line for the housing
    brake line terminal block
    Axle vent bolt
    flexible brake hose from axle housing to body ( diferent depending on the year of the housing)
    8 3/4 U bolts
    8 3/4 Spring perches
    U joints
    Drive shaft

    Looks like you want to change the transmission too

    proper sized output yoke for the u joints
    kick down linkage (not 100% sure of that)
    flex plate ( not 100% sure of that)

    NONE of this is cheap.
    you can see where a donor car might be cheaper.

    Good luck to you.
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    Ya, your F250 rear probably has 8 bolt wheels. Don't even go there for a swap. Do like Dana suggested or use search here for Ford 8.8 swaps. They are large bolt circle and will be a different bolt circle than your fronts unless they also have been changed.
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