'69 Dodge Dart GTS

Polished my rears, now all i need to do is find the lug nuts


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1st paint job I have located a car to drop the 318/727 in and make a clone of this.


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Yeah I found a '69 GT with all new metal on it for sale or trade on the local CL.
I see you have been staying busy , did you find a hood ?
Kevin why haven't you found any yet? :D

HAHA I did find a 68 340 car a while back in PA but man it was bad. I almost trade a 96 Vette I had for it..Kind of wish I did.

No funds in the bank for a lot of the cars on the market right now. I'm iin the 1000-1500 dollar range. I thought I had my AR-15 sold but the guy asked if I would go lower for the full package deal and I said no and have not heard back.

I may wait till I'm out of school this summer and back to work and go from there. I do still have my eye on the 71 Roadrunner thats on my FB page. The guy would do all metal work and its numbers matching 383 car. $4500 or $4800 for it.

I just might have to send you out shopping for me man, you seem to be finding the deals right now lol.
[ame="http://youtu.be/t81k3XQiXZg"]302 Found[/ame]

[ame="http://youtu.be/dyu-TFh2_NU"]302 Found[/ame]
Mark, thinking about? Just need the cash to go get it.


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Hey, I thought about shipping you those inner fender patches but how would you feel about waiting until MMW and I can bring you some exhaust stuff (a whole summit racing 2.5" hot rod kit only missing two straight pipes) and primer you can have, it's stuff I'll never end up using and I know you'd put to good use
Hey Kegan this is a really cool build you have going and forgot all about you having this thread started. Your doing a great job,the motor sounds very healthy too,plus you ARE making more progress than me:D.

Yes he sure is J-miller, and moving forward on a great piece of history
Keep up the great work Young gun, one step at a time :cheers:
Adam, sounds good to me man!

Thanks John! Better get on yours then!

Thanks Mike!
Thanks!, I will.

Plans have changed it's staying s Strip car since I just got a Street car.