71 EV2 Duster Twister Fold Back Sun Roof

Damn,that a big mouse nest....at least you got a good build sheet.
Actually there was a skull in the mouse nest that was kinda big so who knows whats been living in this car. The floor pan is definitely on the christmas list or some trunk sheet metal, whichever santa can haul. Given where this car came from, its no surprise just how bad this car is rotted plus the leaking moon roof. It sat on a trailer since the late 90's within 1/8 a mile from the bay. No telling how many times this thing has took on water. Game plan is to get it running this weekend. More to come.
Very cool car, if you decide to sell it please let me know. I've got the cash for a new project.
Very cool car! I agree with your plan -- Stick with the slant, and focus your efforts on everything else for now. They're cheap and fun! You can always drop in a V8 when the car's solid and driveable again.

Good luck!
Thanks guys. I've had different thoughts on it lately as far as keeping it. I think 1st step is to suck it up and spend the money on the inner rockers for this car so it doesn't buckle in half. Then I can go from there with welding in a new floor. I don't think I would ever plan on putting a v8 in here though. I like the factory preservation. I think the oil pump is toast also. More to come from this and the 73 340 which should be getting a final coat of paint soon.
this one deserves to be redone and in original. I have NEVER seen one with a "ragtop". I rarely see one with a original sunroof. Good luck and dont get discouraged. Take your time and do it right. We are all rooting for you and your car!
Well guys, I got it running today! Whats even more surprising is I did it by myself. Realized I wasnt getting enough spark and basically have an all new ignition system. Also put on a new fuel pump today and she ran off of a line from a gas can to the fuel pump and then to the carb for about a minute. Next step is to rebuild my carb and I have the kit so maybe Ill find some free time around Thanksgiving. More to come.
Sorry to see you having to sell it Eddie. I know it needed lots of work,but maybe you will find a better project.
I dont need to sell it though. Just want to see if anyone likes it more than me and wants to restore her since its going to take a while for me. If it doesn't sell then o well, I'll keep it.
It hit reserve but so far the buyer has not given me the down payment in the time he was supposed to so I'm going to see if the next in line and me can work something out. He has 2 of these fold back sunroof cars and is in Florida. If that falls through also I might keep it for a while longer. Till then it is just going to take up some space while me and my dad put the 73 340 back together. It has its final coat of Viper Red and is ready to be re-assembled.
to be honest, in this economy iam surprized it went to 2k. the grille and scoops make up alot, but when you get into the inner rocker rot, it is a pain. and with that much, i can say that there is some rot in the frame railes. up under the front floor section, especially where the inner fender meets the floor pan. seen it on almost all of these with inner rocker rot.
good luck no matter what you choose. if i had 2k, i would buy it in a heartbeat, drop a 340-4 speed in that puppy, redo the body to be driver quality and well, then, youall know me, flip it and move on to the next project!
As some of you may know, I have been restoring a 73 340 duster with my dad for almost 8 years now. Now that its almost done, I took it upon myself to buy myself my own project. Just picked up a 1971 duster twister with the rare fold back canvas moon roof. Its rough but I plan on holding on to it. Just got it home and bought it from the eastern shore of Maryland. 1 owner car, slant 6 with an auto on the tree.I plan on keeping it the way it came off the show room floor but if anyone is really really interested in it then you can PM me but I plan on keeping it even though my old man does NOT approve.

E24 225 1 Barrel 6 Cyllinder
D31 Light Duty 904 Automatic Transmission TorqueFlite
V = Plymouth Valiant / Duster
L =Low
29 = 2 Door Sports Hardtop
C = 225 145HP 1-1BBL 6 CYL
1 = 1971
B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
323705 Sequence Number '323705'
EV2 Paint Code: Hemi Orange / Tor-Red Irid
Trim Grade/Style/Color
L = Low
1 = Cloth and Vinyl Bench
X9 = Black
TX9 Upper Door Frame: Black / Black Velvet
308 Date Built: 3 / 08 / 1971
G00536 Order Number: G00536
V3X Roof Type OR Color: Black Convertible Top
U Built to Specifications for USA Order
A51 Sinatra Package Imperial
G15 Tinted Windshield Only
G36 Left Hand Remote, Right Hand Manual Outside Mirror
J54 Sport Hood 70-1
M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
R11 Music Master Radio AM
V8X Transverse Stripe - Black
EN2 End of Codes Assembly Line 2















Damn I love that car
Car made its way to my house the other day and a 3 day weekend call for a little digging. To bad this is a repeat of my dads 73 340 and I opened up another can of worms. Going to be a long build. I was however greeted with a build sheet in good condition and also a huge mouse nest. Now the search for a floor or a donor duster to cut up with a solid floor.
















Amazing car ! That build sheet is Impressive