72 340 Demon Restore

Its been a long process. Hope to have it on the road by next summer. Waiting on the cam from Hughes Engines. They are having supply issues due to Covid shutdowns.
Summer's over, but it will give you something to look forward to in spring, I've been to North Dakota dozens of times, I lived in Winnipeg for too many years, but never ventured into that part of the state. Usually Grand Forks or Fargo were the destinations. Now I'm in Alberta, have managed to tour some of Montana, but still want to see western N.D. one of these days.
After the Covid travel restrictions loosen I hope to go up and see the operations.
Did some rearend teardown today with my brother in law Kevin (Darndart). I'll finish clean up on the housing tomorrow. 3rd member is set up ready to go in.



Rearend is cleaned up and back together with big bolt axles with green bearings. 3.23's sure grip.


Clearly I am a fan of hood striping you chose! Hah! Maybe come summer I will swing by snag Fred and we will crash your party some weekend. Fred is great people and he always spoils my hound (Hemi) when he visits my shop! When I go to his I just steal his hooch!

Hey Rob was nice seeing you and Dallas today and your car looks fantastic.
Can't wait to see it on the road and visit again with a little more time to spend in that nice shop you have.
Keep up the good work my friend and I want to go for a ride in your Charger before to long.....
Fred...thanks to you and Dallas for making my Birthday a great day. What a good time talking Mopars. Well back to work. Me and my bro-in-law putting in the roller cam and degreeing it for the 340.