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oh how these photo's bring back memories of my childhood living in Valcartier in Quebec. Twice in my life i had to jump out of the second floor bedroom window to dig out the front door to let the family out to shovel the driveway so dad could get to work. Then the grader would pass by and fill up the driveway again. fun fun in the sun right? P.S. Ever had crank bearing's stick to your fingers trying to build a engine in a non heated garage? It's kind of like sticking your tongue on the school fence post and not learning the first time it was not a good idea the first time.
When I was a kid, two lane roads would become 1 1/2 lane in the winter and you had to learn how to drive in the winter and when the plow went by clean driveways were no more...but it was time for more shoveling.
Winter of 2008 in Presque Isle, Maine was not a good one. All time new record of 203" (normally "only" 100"). Got kind of chilly too ;)
Winter of 2008 in Presque Isle, Maine was not a good one. All time new record of 203" (normally "only" 100"). Got kind of chilly too ;)View attachment 1715687159 View attachment 1715687160
i must say i enjoy all these photo's,, kind of. I have noticed lots of the responders are from the north or very close to our shared border. This last week we felt in fort st john -43 and with the wind factor -50ish. i had to put a new battery in my truck and 0-30 synthetic so it would start and it has to be plugged in or else. But then this is normal in canada. The photo's of my sleep outside chevy is a one night fall . Cleaned it all off and the next night is was back at the same height. Just yesterday i seen at the store a guy with boots and shorts on. Maybe he was from somewhere up north and he was overheating down south where i am now or he was from Winterpeg Manitoba? I think this is where they filmed the movie "just friends" and in the special features the actors talked about what cold is all about in the great white north.





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