Best ET

Thank you. I wish I could take credit for the car, but that goes to Bob Harwell, also known in the online Mopar community as Prosport. I got it from him (indirectly), and let him spend all of his time and money on it. :)

Well, I did replace the radio antenna and added a 5 point harness on the passenger side, and also did an 11.75 BBP disc swap. Other than that, it's his old car.
8.51 @ 160

My two cents in here......... My old 71 Dart 340 0.30 overs J Heads W/ an 750 Edelbrock Carb Best E.T was 12.03@110.68 60ft @ 1.62

An that is one sweet 73 Duster!!!!!!!! Hope mine looks that good when i am done with it................ Nice Job.
13.90 @ 100.28 MPH

If I ever get the '70 Swinger done, I am going to work on getting the '68 into the 12's.
only had it to the track once so far... made it to the 4th round by

12.81 @ 106.91 mph

1.9 60 ft.

8.2 85.4 mph 1/8th mile

on crappy street bias ply tires, full 2 1/4 exhaust and i had to baby the crap out of it off the line....
Hi All;

Went to Irwindale Ca. 1/8th mile ran a best of 8.113 @ 85.66 mph two other passes 8.18 @ 85 mph. Has a magnum headed 360 10.25:1 dual plane RB 230@.050 .512 lift (1.6 rockers) 107c/l, 727 with 166K mopar converter, 650 speed demon, SS 002/003 springs, 3.55 sure grip with G60X15 American racer DOT tire. Best 60' time 1.81 a little left to drop the ET with not fully on converter when leaving (~ 2200 rpm leave will stall to 2400) Idles at 13" manifold vacuum and 750 rpm in gear...

HI There
I have just registered on the site.
I have got a 69 Dart GTS with a 440 auto which should be on the strip this coming year and a 66 Fury 383 daily driver.
I realise this is off thread but i wanted to ask Greg if there used to be a drag strip in Minnesota which is now a golf course.
The reason i am asking is my cousin used to race there in the early 70's.
He ran a Chevelle with a 427 4 speed in B Modified and his name is Vernon Foyt, he lived in Coon Rapids then. Any info would be appreciated.
Thanx Mike
'68 cuda fastback 383 ran 11.41@ 118 @Indy Goodguys in 2002
runs 11.42@Cordova in the slingshot nats
My wife's Valiant '74, 4-door, all steel, 383+727 and 8.25 with 3.21 gear
goes 13.75@101mph, 60-feet 2.1 :shock:

The best run that I've made so far is a 14.55 @ 96. Motor has an edelbrock rpm air-gap and 750 carb., tti headers, racer brown cam (.460/.264), '69 X heads, and MP electronic ignition conversion. That was with the 3.23 gears and a 8 3/4 posi. 4.10's and a set of heads would help alot. Here is my 2 cents.
Welcome Tom. Are you gonna be in the Pump Gas drags again this year ?
I applied and I am probably about 1/2 second quicker now than I was last year. But being picked again is going to be tough. We'll see.
13.30 @ 104 2.13 60 73 Swinger 340 Ehead auto 3000 stall 3.23 grs TTI headers pump gas & full exhaust.