Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

don't know why some photos are missing. I'll create another clean thread (future work).

for this moment, one more shot.


crossing my fingers... This weekend I hope finishing painting job.
after that, I'll bring car home and work on it as before.

driver side (with a better view of the bubble plastic protecting the hood).
Thanks for sharing, nice work....
Speaking of "foreign" Darts, this reminded me of a story. When I worked Chrysler parts in Los Angeles a Mexican guy came-in to get a part for his 1984 Dart. (I'm guessing at the exact year). With both of us trying to break the language barrier, I nicely insisted that there's no such thing as an '84 Dart and he nicely insisted that's what his car is, and that it was in the parking lot.
Sure-enough it was an '84 Dart. If I'm remembering correctly it was a Plymouth Reliant or Dodge Aries but the Mexican name for the car was "Dart" so it sported Dart nameplates (yes, they were original not just ones that someone applied).
I'm not going to google this instead it would be intereting to see if anyone can confirm this situation.
another example of same name for different thinks

our Brazilian "Charger" is an a-body with some different body pieces (for example, front grill)
Finally home...

about 3.5 years far away from me.

from 2010 to 2014 I've moved from Belo Horizonte city to Juiz de Fora. Got a new job. Bought my house and now, we have decided to bring car home and restart work.

Looking good.

Let's see a close up of those sweet wheels.

Are those factory?
Here in Brazil, all a-bodies have 5 bolts, 4,25" wheels.
We have 2 stock models:



The wheel I'm currently using on my car is a Aluminum/ Magnesium wheel (not stock).
I'll no t use them on future.
The ones on your car look different.

The "spokes" are angled the opposite way.
Today I've cleaned door handles.
Also greased them.

Disassembling process is easy. Reassembling also do not requires any special skill.