Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)



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Feb 8, 2009
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Hi, this thread is dedicated to my dodge dart 76 restauration.
I'm from Brazil and our dart model are similar to 69-72 usa.

I intend to make a street car with my original 318 la engine, summit intake dual plane and a 650 holley spread bore (parts that I have).
Pics! Pics! Must have pics!!


Welcome to FABO! You are going to have fun here.
My car was in a friends garage. He died and so I had to take it to home.

But I have a very small garage.. :(

No problem.. we have some fun. My friends helped me a lot. Thanks a lot "Toddy" and "Fred" ...

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I bought an 318 engine in very good condition. I was about one year ago.
I going to use a 3 speed manual with an in-line shifter.

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Hi.. this model is our Charger RT 76 or 77. I intend to use tha same hood and the same front grill, but I won't use the "tail" upside the rear quarter panel.
Moreover, my interior is a bit different. I have lower front seats and my steering wheels is different too (unfortunately because I love this steering wheel).
I think I'll paint it green (like some American GT) and use the light brown interior.
wow cool!! its good to see some more mopar people from south America on here! good luck on your dart!! should be a great project! i love those Brazilian darts and chargers, even the argentina dodge gtx it a cool car to. i cant wait to see some more progress on your car! boa sorte
Sorry to hear about your friend. Looks like a sweet prodject you got going. It's a shame that they didnt produce those body styles in the United States.
Do yo know (scastillo) he is a member on here, & one hell of a guy!! He lives in South America I think. You ought to hook up with him.
I don't know him.. I will search for him and say a hello.
I'll post more pictures during the weekend. I'm working in car floor pan.
I don't know where to start working.. I have a problem because old owner cutted off pieces of floor.

Here in Brazil we do not have any floor or body part suplier.

So I started to build my own pieces of floor pan. Hope it works..

I'm posting some pictures showing my work.. first a shot of driver side and passenger side (rear).

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First of all I built a mold to make pieces that I need.

I made two folds in a hard piece of wood.

Finally I tested the old floor piece and checked that it fits my mold

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WOW! Gettin busy I see.
Keep on snapping pictures!
First I cutted a sheet metal piece.
Than I mark it to see where I wanto to fold it.
Finally, I put it on the previous mold I made. Look that I fix it with two more pieces of wood.
Now it is only a bit of brute force =P~

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WOW! Flippin nice.
I am Impressed! Good job.
WOW is right, I was wondering what all the holes in the wood was for. Pretty darn crafty. I too am very impressed. Lets here it for back yard engineering!
It,s great to see your making do with what you have.Alot of people would have just given up.Keep up the good work!:cheers:
I bought the engine last year near to my dads home. It is about 150 miles from my home.. so I asked dad his car and he gently said yes... poor man...

I carried the engine, the gear box, 2 front seats and some small parts..

Now they are at my small office room.. take a brief look... (my room has about 2meters x 1,90meters)

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Hey alex as long as you can walk/move around in the room it will work.
Good luck!