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Jan 17, 2007
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Anyone ever order parts from CNC Motorsports? They have Scat I beam rods with ARP 8740 bolts, rated at 700hp for $419, ARP 2000 bolts rated at 800hp for $477. I plan to go with the 2000 bolts for the extra insurance. I believe in overkill.
I’ve ordered from them before.

They are great people to work with and prices are very competitive also.
I recommend them
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I've ordered a k1 crank and molnar rods from them in the past and had good experience with them
Scat I beams no clearance issues.
Molnar rods you will need to notch the bottom of the bores.Both are good rods.
I ordered most of the parts for my wife's stroker from them about 5 years ago. I placed the order online and got a phone call from them either the same day or the next day. The .030 pistons I ordered weren't in stock and were like 2 months out at that time. They had .040 pistons in stock so I got those instead. I check their pricey regularly and would buy from them again.
I got the Molnar 340 stroker rotating assembly from them.
Had no complaints and they swapped the .03 pistons for .04 pistons with no added cost, but this was probably 8-9 yrs ago
Trying to see if Summit will match their prices. I'm only about 30 mins away.