Cutting the inner lip on the back wheel wells.

Should i cut the inner lip or not

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Jul 7, 2017
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Little River, Academy
Im trying to fit these bigger tires on the back, Should i cut the inner lip or not.

Looks like the spot welds are already right at the edge of the lip. If you cut it back, you'll have to weld the quarters and tubs back together.

You can probably roll it back some, you'll probably have to make some relief cuts because of the double layer. A heat gun will help with the paint cracking, heat as you go and go slow. Of course it may still crack.
Don't cut it off but you can narrow it up a lot and still have the strength of the lip
Taking another look at it the thing I didn't mention earlier and should have is that you need to look at the wheel tub above that lip. To me it doesn't look like you'll have enough room even if you do roll the lip back. It might not rub on the lip but if there isn't good 1/2" to the wheel tub it will still rub there during cornering, body roll, people in the backseat etc. Looking at that picture further I'd say you probably need more backspace or a smaller tire if this is a street car.
Even if you roll (or cut it) it might still make contact with the tire?? When you make a turn the body shifts towards the tire. Have you already installed off set shackles??

Out of curiosity....why would you mess with the lip (inviting corrosion and weakening the quarter panel rigidity) when all you need to do is get wheels with more off set?? Looks like you could even get a wider tire if get you get wheels with more off set???

Price, but im about to just get the bigger offset rim
Steel rims don't cost that much at least until you can afford the "fancy" wheels that you would eventually settle on, I've done that before. When your done with the steel rims you can sell them pretty easy on FABO and get most of your money back. I would say that 30 percent of FABO members are using somebody else's rims???It's called re-cycling:thumbsup::steering:

I think I've had 3 or 4 different sets of rims on my Barracuda before I finally settled on the ones that I plan to keep!!: