Dash Circuit Board Repair



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Apr 22, 2005
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A few of my connectors broke off when I pulled my Ralley dash cluster out of my Barracuda. Does anyone know where I can get replacement pints so I can put them in and solder them to the board?

I din't bother tying to repair the pins. All of those pins go somewhere where a stud pokes through the board and makes connection via the nut with the board. I just put a piece of wire on a ring terminal under the nut and removed the wire from the round connector and used insulated spade connectors to make the connections.

The next time I have the dash out I will be removing all the pins and making up a harness with a Molex or Amp connector to connect to the main harness.
I would just make my own wiring to place of the circuit board. Go to the junkyard ad look in the camaros dashes for a two-wire plug in light socket. You will have to get a few. Then use bullet connectors for the other connections needed. I try to use the same color wires matched up, newer mopars run the same wire colors, cut them out while at the junk yard. This makes putting things together easer. Make sure you solder every thing so nothing comes loose and use shrink tubing to keep the electric from leaking. I have had circuit boards that looked fine but were the cause of my electrical gremlins. Bill
The engineers deleted the printed circuit boards on e-bodies and created a mess ! You can make your own mess if you like but dont expect the next owner to be able to sort it.
The pins were originally swedged into the board. Exact replacements are impossible to find. You can attempt to solder the broken pins but soilder wont bond and hold them very well.
2 options, seek replacement boards with no loose pins or solder the pins and
bond them with epoxy. You will need to scuff the board so the epoxy gets a tooth but a 1/8 inch deep covering wont hurt anything. The connecters will still go on plenty far enough. All this is just so the pins dont pull out again next time you remove those connecters. Always pull those connecters straight away in the future. Good luck
I had a few junk boards that still had a few good pins left,I carefully removed them and put them on to my board that needed some pins and used an awl and a tiny hammer to carefully re swedge the pins back into place the a lil drop of super glue to each.Hope this is helpful
Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the solder and glue route for now.
I saw an add in MM that advertised new boards, they were like 150 for a pair.