Do you let your old engine warm up or just get in and drive?

Cold weather below 60* Run for a few minutes,kick off fast idle,drop in gear. If it idles in gear it's ready to go.
old 383 Dart would start on what seemed like one cylinder, then another would kick in and sooner or later it would be purring at fast idle. that's when I'd kick it down and take off. probably 3 minutes or so.
Operating temp for me, do it with everything, doesn't matter if it's my lawn mower, snow blower or you fill in the blank. If it's air cooled, cool down cycle before shut down. It's not a Friday night Wham bam thank you ma'am.
i never worry about the temperature but i keep it at 1500 - 2000 rpm for a minute or so. The only
lube a small block cam gets is what's splashed on it.
If it will hold an idle on its own (without the choke) I will drive away. Won't jump on it hard or fet into higher rpms till there is heat in the motor.
Idle till warmed up to at least 140-150 f degrees. There are many camps on get in and go all the way to fully warm plus 10mins. I think sitting there in a garage and never driving is worse than all the above.
New, old, doesn't matter. Let it warm up until it settles into a steady idle. In the winter, I let it idle until it's warm enough inside for me to be comfortable and blowing enough warm air to keep the windshield clear.
I let them warm up. Neutral for the Swinger. It has converter drainback.
Not an old 440 but my Cummins yesterday I drove it for 20 miles and it never came off of low temp, it was 0 degrees but man was that thing a slug. I also stopped for fuel which took 15 minutes to pump 8 gallons of fuel, finally I said... close enough.
Sorry for the derailment ( I'm pretty good at it )
In winter? Long enough for it to heat the garage up every few days. It doesn't go in the salt. Everything else runs until it idles down then gets slapped into drive.
As soon as she idles on her own, we're in the wind.
I let mine get up to temp-180 before I take off. My neighbors probably love me:p
My modern ride, 10 seconds or so and off I go, runs fine and maybe a little better than its operating temp. 200.