[SOLD] Electronic small block distributor

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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
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I've got an electronic pickup small block distributor up for sale. Can't say too much about this as I got it as part of a kit when I bought my fuel injection system. Came off of a 340 and has had the plug converter to weather pack style terminals, but should be easy enough to change back to a stock style plug if necessary. No cap or rotor and one of the cap spring clips is missing, but unit worked otherwise as far as I'm aware. Would like $20 for it. I'm based in Lawrence, KS and can deliver to KC or Topeka area, otherwise buyer pays shipping. This should fit in a flat rate box easily enough, so probably something like $15 to ship.




Yeah, this was used on a Megasquirt system, so I think that was the intent. This was effectively used as a cam/crank sensor, so the advance was all done in the software tuning, not mechanically. Nice to know what it was actually originally used for though. Could a vacuum advance be added? Looks like the black plate on the side might have covered the original cutout for an advance mechanism, but I suppose the internals of the distributor might not support it and it was just a common casting they were reusing.
Yeah, it looks like it's missing the correct internal parts to convert it to vacuum advance. The pickup coil needs to be mounted on a rotating plate. It might not have any mechanical advance parts either. Looks like yours is also missing one of the cap clips too.
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