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Jun 3, 2023
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Hey y'all Good Morning ...Ive been working on my 318..I have the heads of basically the short block, My question is that I read about putting the headers from under but since I have everything off could I just put headers in place an when I got to put the cylinder heads on I can pull them up to the cylinder an bolt them on?

Yes, but! Have a buddy or at least a few good bungee cords.
The thing is getting the torque wrench in the lower head bolts to torque down is a big PIA doing it solo. I’ve done this before. It’s the headers flange that gets in the way. Have a buddy hold it or bungee cords to help.

The drivers side is a huge PIA to install. Not having the head on top help but puts you in that PIA catch 22 head torquing issue.

It can be done. It’s just not fun.

Where are you in Florida?
Ok cool..I do have a friend that been helping me with the build..panhandle Florida bout 1 from Pensacola
My grandson and I are wrestling with a set of "cut" flange headers.
They have been bent, and even after trying to align the tubes by crushing the header under the lift, still have to pry the crap outta them to get the bolts started.
Dozens of sets I've installed, never cut one, - any make .
Still won't .