hi guys 416 - 318 poly swap 56 Savoy



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May 26, 2016
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im doing a relatively simple swap
416 stroker 340 / 727
into 56 Savoy that was
318 poly / powerflite 2 sp

my question is ---
has anyone done this and / or can anyone recommend out ofvthe box headers for this combo
the trans linkage will prob be replaced with lokar for clearence as well as a mini starter

thanks guys
direct reply ok..

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Can't help you but those are cool cars. One or two for sale around here lately One was a running flat six
I would think the 416 should bolt right in using the motor mounts from the 318 Poly, using flat washers as shims on the drivers side mount. When you get the motor and trans sitting where you want it, then you can eyeball it and see what headers might fit. Hooker Super Comps (5115) for B&E body would work well on a 416 stroker......if they will fit in the car. On those headers, all of the tubes on the drivers side go behind the steering linkage in an E body. I have no idea if they will fit your car.....just a suggestion for something cheaper than TTI's. Good luck, and that will be a cool car!
Cool car. What trans are you using? I don’t think the new engine will bolt to the powerflite. I’ve read the early versions on the A engines shared the trans interface with the early hemi, changed in 62 or so.
I’m pretty sure “out of the box” headers will be pretty hard to find... good luck.
I stuffed a b/block into one, had to notch fr x-member for oil pump/filter.
Seems to me there's a ton of room in there, usual steering box issues.
I used fender well exit headers, don't remember brand .
Good luck with build . !
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