I've watched this 10 times and I still don't know what happened.....



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Jan 27, 2010
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I feel so bad for this guy.....but I can't understand what could have happened to result in the entire rear end coming out......go to 2:25 of the video to see what I'm talking about.....I would have crapped my pants for sure if I was driving the car.....

No leaf springs attached so had to be elcheapo bolt in setup.
That video is oldddddddddddddd..obviously some amateur put it together..
Man there is some classics in there. I love it when the ford truck spins the tire once and breaks an axle. The dart losing the entire rear end is a good one. Don't know how that happened but it was bouncing like it was constipated then dumped out the rear axle.

There is also the joker who smoked his clutch. The spectators were hacking and coughing but he just kept on smoking it.
Love the childish yucking the whole time, guess they were glad it happened to someone else. Obvious s**tty 4-link install job, not the first I've seen, unfortunately it probably
won't be the last.
No need to apologize. Cool video and aren't all Boobtube videos amateur??
a well known dragracer and tuner (many of you would recognize his name, spit the whole rear end assembly out here in Tulsa one time. He`s no dumb ***, just wasn`t a welder back then , I guess. I would bet he is now tho.
I've seen that Dart disaster before. I think the guy is Canadian, from Edmonton if I recall. Story goes he just got the car the day before. I can't remember exactly what happened, whether he hit reverse or the rear brakes locked up or something else. I do remember it wasn't ALL the driver's fault as there was some weird and unexpected mechanical issue. Sucks any which way you look at it.
fun (funny?) stuff - but watch very closely - the Dart losing it's rear is fake... imagine how many things would all have to go wrong at the same time for that to be even remotely possible
It's real. Happened (somewhat) near here. Up by Edmonton. About 5 hours (4 if you drive like me) away.

And if you guys are still curious as to what happened. That's what happens when you don't put a driveshaft loop in a high horse car. When that driveshaft comes off the transmission it basically turns the rear end into a pole vaulter. Driveshaft catches a spot in the road and SHOVES everything out the rear end just like you saw.

If you watch the video. You see the car come around. Burning tires. Then it starts hopping. That's where the driveshaft came out. It's bouncing under the car and shoving it all over the place. You can see the back wheels start to go left to right and wiggle all around as well. That's the rear end walking it's self around and sheering bolts. Then finally pop bang out comes the rear end. If you look at the underside of the car you don't see a driveshaft hanging down, cause it's still attached to the rear end sitting on the road.

The rollover at 3:20 is in my city. I was at that event. It's our local "100 foot dash". Nearest race track is 2 hours away. So the local car club puts on just a little show like that. Some very quick cars. He ran a 1.82. Not the first rollover to happen actually. It's a tight spot and there's usually one good accident a year. Here's a somewhat better view: