My 6.1 retrofit thread

Show some pictures. What suspension? What steering box or rack? Things like these matter. I could prolly fit those manifolds with my RMS suspension, however now I have room for headers.

Just a heads up, probably old news for anybody who has done a 3g swap but, SRT8 manifolds from a Grand Cherokee are a bolt on fix without spending a king's ransom. That is what I am using on my 72 duster.

The exhaust manifolds I used for the HDK mock-up/testing are the Jeeps manifolds. They came with the motor and compared to the other factory manifolds, they hug the block extremely well....the only tight spot is where the steering shaft comes out of the fire wall which is not helped by the location I place the Hemi for optimum clearance is a dance.

my thought is....if I can get the bulky factory manifolds to clear / work.........aftermarket headers should be a breeze.
Using QA stuff... (old C.A.P.) upper,lower control arms, and k-member. Also using Magnum Force shock tower kit so I can run some Viking coil overs. 73 dart spindles with c-body rotors and viper calipers. I used a power steering idler from a 3.5L v6 engine. I had to cut the housing and drill and tap a hole to lock the main shafts into place. It's a lot cheaper than Bouchillion or whoever else makes them. Flaming river steering shaft into a manual Flaming River steering box.XV Motorsports lower core support too..... All to come later...:burnout:


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Adam -,This thread relates to right steer cars - you might want to start your own thread on how to fit Cherokee manifolds. :) too

I must have got confused (excuse works like a charm with the wife)
Thanks mate...unfo with editing time limits I cant re-post them.

I'll go through my blog and update them there at least....