My Demon 5.7 hemi carb swap



May 20, 2008
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Quebec ,Canada
Dodge Demon 1971
Hemi 5.7 truck 2005
Homemade intake
Homemade headers
MSD Hemi 6
AED 650 carburator
Stock A-833 4 speed
Stock Z-bar
Stock torsion bar

[ame=""]YouTube - hemi swap[/ame]

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I am impressed. Looks great. Wish I hadyour skills with a tig. On a side note have you thought about swapping to the 06and up coil packs. To eliminate the plug wires. I think it would clean things up greatly. You wouldneed valve covers coil packs and a pigtal for the plug. Your timing would not change. It's just something to think about for the future.
Man, that's Nice. Thanks for posting. Now you gotta feed the beast by posting more pics and telling us more...... :D Nice work.

Welcome to FABO.
Very cool, what did you do for the pilot bushing on the trans and to get the trans to bolt up? And what diameter are your header tubes? Im useing 1 3/4" on mine.
awesome! What a great job on the headers. I'm thinking of modifying the stock 6.1 manifolds. But I really don't know if this works at all. Again - great job! Intake as well!
More picture of my project

I'd like to give more details about the pictures
But I'm a french canadian and my english is bad.:sad10:
If you have questions send it. And I am going to try to answer it.



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I really digg your craftsmanship.

What is the hood clearance like?

Have you driven the car yet? What else can you tell us about the Demon?

Thanks again for posting..... I had to put plastic over the keyboard to keep the drool off of it. LOL
Looks like you built your own pistol grip handle, too. Any more info on that?
Thanks for using the pistol grip. Ever since I decided I want a pistol grip 4-speed in my dart, I jizz when I see one in an A-body.:toothy10::sign10:

I bought the pistol grip in car show. He was not expensive, because he had already been modified. I made a part for bottom of pistol grip with a 3/8 plate of steel. Then, I have painting flat black.


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I have 2500 miles on this set-up .
Today, I went to chassis dyno.

[ame=""]Hemi swap dyno - YouTube[/ame]
That is awesome, sounds nice too.
Thanks for posting the dyno pull, I always wondered what kind of power to expect at the rear wheels....
Nice work on the hedders and intake.I see your running an AED carb,how do you like it?I run a AED 850 dp on my 410 and love its quick response.Your one of the only other members I,ve seen run one.I,ve been preaching about them for a year now.I,d buy another in a minute.
Very nice, could you tell me what oil pan and motor mounts you used ? Do you have a part # for the serpenine belt also? thanks Harry

Thanks !
Oil pan come from Ebay Mopar crate engine
Motor mounts come from TTI
Part number for the serpentine belt is K070673
Do you have a how to or at least maybe explain how you did it? I like the idea of keeping the mopar logos on them.

Do you have a how to or at least maybe explain how you did it? I like the idea of keeping the mopar logos on them.


Very easy,

Open the clamp with screw driver and hammer, (coil pack side)

1-Cut the wire at the good long

2-Cut the black and blue outside wire, do not touch the black fiber at the center of wire .Keep one inch .

3-Turn the center wire to the outside and clamp. I reuse the old clamp.

Use soap to move the boots on the wire.


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