My Demon 5.7 hemi carb swap

this is exciting!!! you should do a full write up on your build. alot of people would appreciate it

Check list of my swap Hemi.

Hemi 5.7 2005 with A-833

Home made parts:
-Transmission support slot by .500
-Input shaft shorted by .750
-Catch can for coolant
-Accelerator cable support
-busching for pulley serpentine belt
-shorted spark plug wire

Buy parts:
-MSD ignition control PN 6013
-MSD wiring PN 88863
-Carb AED 650 HO
-Air filter Edelbrooke EDEL1203
-Engine mount TTI
-Blocking plate TTI (oil filter)
-Remote oil filter Transdapt 1113 with weather head fitting.
-Flywheel Mcload #464108
-Flywheel bolt ARP 151-2801 Two pack
-Clutch centerforce DF269739
-Pilot bearing Mopar #53009180ab
-release bearing stock
-Serpentine belt K070673
-Fuel pump Mallory #4110
-Fuel filter before pump carquest R86481
-Fuel filter before carb RU650190
-Starter mopar P5249644C
-Painless relay bank PW30107
-180 degre thermostat jet-10183
-Electric fan flexalite syclone Flex 398
-Radiator Northern Nor209675
-Thermocouple PRF-30113
-TTI Header Gasket 0200gahg2457
-Relay for fan HFM-ZFRA
-Radiator Hose carquest 21767 cut in middle and use half for upper and half for the bottom
-Oil pan mopar crate engine
-Royal purple 5W20 oil
-Hemi truck oil filter

For reference only, double check all number.

4250 miles on this setup without problem
294 WHP
21 mpg on highway

that list just saved me lots of time
Very nice work on the demon! I am building a 5.7 with all forged intrenals studded mains and close chamber heads ported by SHARADON PERFORMANCE I am also using one of there 545 transmission out of truck with a stand alone controller and a TURBO at 15 to 18 pounds of boost! its either going in my dart sport or a 69 coronet rumble bee! Your build maybe swaying me to the dart sport. You ever thought about a power adder?
Esti de bonne job! (translation)....f#$king nice job...for reference only
Whatever he wants, lol!!
Are you running the power steer or air con ?

Kudos on the fabricated intake btw - Have you dynoed the engine?
What size and backspacing did you get for the wheels and what size/brand of tires are you running?
What size and backspacing did you get for the wheels and what size/brand of tires are you running?

My Wheel ,

Front: 18X8.0 offset 25
255/40 R18 General Tire
Challenger 1974 Front disk brake
Tubular A-arm with big ball joint
Small modification of fender

Rear: 18X9.0 offset 25
275/40 R18 General Tire
8.75 rear end from B-body 62-70(track 59.2)relocate perches to 43"
0.250" cutting lip of quarter


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what do you have your rev limited set at????? You do know that after 6000 rpm the map sensor is removing timing??? just a heads up also did you run it with more initial timing on the dyno???? Did they play with the map at all or just pull it???? Steve
I'll chip in here because this is something I need to learn

- is the horizontal row of figures on the MAP chart RPM, or BAR? (see pic below)

It may also clear up Swifters question about retarding timing above 6k

You can probably run a couple degrees more timing than what I posted for you assuming you have an early truck engine and good gas. The chamber was 85 on the early 5.7 heads and the compression was a bit lower.
OK - fwiw and for those that want to know - the horizontal axis is manifold pressure measured in PSIa (Pounds per Square Inch Absolute sea level)

As Manifold pressure increases, the MAP sensor pulls the timing that was added initially for lower intake pressures found at cruise (Like a Vac advance but using Intake pressure)

As Swifter commented...I do wonder what happens when Manifold pressure reaches 11 PSIa ????? the MAP chart shows its taking timing out after pressure reaches this level.