New forum group, Nor-Cal Mopars

I'm down for next year, but the Castro Valley Cruise Night will happen first and I actually enjoy that more than the San Mateo one.

At the bay area cruise night I saw a couple of road runners, a 79 charger I believe and a coronet. I parked my Demon in front of the 24hour fitness and just walked around.
When is the Castro Valley one?

We didn't park cause didn't plan to stay long.
When is the Castro Valley one?

We didn't park cause didn't plan to stay long.
It's usually at the last Saturday of August every year. The local car events I go to usually every year in a row is the Castro Valley Car show, then the Hot August Niles in Fremont, then CV Cruise Night and lastly SM/Bay Area Cruise Night.

Just setting up a ring and pinion? Or does it need to be narrowed too? What all needs to be done?

If it's just a ring and pinion install, I can help you do it. 8-3/4" third members are a breeze to setup. Otherwise, I've heard pretty shitty things about Jaws Gear and Axle, so I'd stay away from them.
JAWS has pretty good reviews on Yelp. Mostly 5 stars with a 1 star back in 2017.
I used them in 2016 for the Dart and Coronet. The Coronet had 3.23's which were too tall for the cam, so I had them swap the 3.55 SG from the Dart into the Coronet. Then I ordered 4.10s for the Dart which they installed. Both were 489 casings, and I brought them just the pumpkins and reinstalled them myself. I only have good things to say about JAWS. The shop is immaculate, everyone was friendly and helpful. And most important, both cars have been running without issues for 7 years.
Is there anything happening this Month in the bay area? Would like to get out and get some inspiration as the car has been down for so long
I've noticed more folks joining from around the northern parts of California, so I took just a quick moment to throw together a new forum group, Nor-Cal Mopars. The group is open to anyone and hopefully folks from the area can join & use it to connect with other Mopar folks & talk issues, shows, cruises, shop recommendations & who knows what. The group can be whatever folks make it. Stop by & join the group.

Hey Sae, glad to see this link and great idea.
I’m in SanFrancisco- and throw money at a ‘63 Dodge Dart GT convertible. Best, most reliable car ever owned, mostly because the Slant 6 is a beast.
Looks like the link is not working right now