Official 3rd Gen Hemi thread

- are better off buying a brand new 6.4 bge block than that 6.1 that needs rebuilt and tons of machine work. might as well get the bge heads. some 6.4 apachie if your not boosting it over 1200hp.

price is a little more up front but a much bettsr and stronger foundation down the road. stroker kit crom mmx like a 411in kit keeps squirters and thrust side wear down on the cylinders.
What is a new BGE block going for?
What is a new BGE block going for?

prices I've seen are around 2.2k (on sale now for 1.8k) .... Not that I've looked. for 600 I got a seasoned block, forged crank, SRT intake, injector rails, rods, pistons, heads etc. I can use the other $1,800 for machine work and upgrades.