Ok I'm not one to rant in a public forum and I'm not pointing fingers at any one individual but, I've been seeing a upward trend in the "name calling" going on in some of the forums. In our hobby there are hundreds if not thousands of differing opinions concerning this and that. Some valid, some can seem pretty far out there. But I see no benefit from calling anyone or their ideas and thoughts stupid, idiotic, moronic etc. etc. I have two friends, one I happened to meet through the other, who's opinions I value. Both men are 70+ years old and have been friends, racing and building motors since before i was born. I have gotten advice from both of them on many issues. They have differing opinions on a lot of things. Both are very opinionated and believe their way is the best, yet I have never heard either one bad mouth the other or anyone else for that matter. I have learned so much from both of these men. I respect that they are able to voice their thoughts and opinions without tearing the other down. So I guess what I'm really getting at is, Really? This forum is the best thing I've seen for helping others with similar interests. From the newbies to the old timers, from the restorers to the all out racers. We all have something to learn from each other. I'd like to see more help and less beat downs. Also, I do understand that quite a few of the beat downs Ive seen were started by someone posing a question, and then brow beating any responses, just looking for the confrontation. To those I choose to click over to the next thread. Anyway now that I'm obviously rambling I will stop this rant. I do believe that FABO is by far the best site on the web for the Mopar enthusiast! Lets keep it that way! Everyone Have A Great Day!


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