RIP brian6pac

Good dude. He helped me with my Duster. Very knowledgeable. What a fn drag! Damn
I want to thank the mods for changing the name of this post.
Brian was the 3rd guy that was either working on something for me, or had parts for me, that has left our community in the past six months or so. Bright, knowledgeable, eager to work with and help others. As it's been mentioned, these guys are leaving WAY too soon.
We are better because of them.
Dang this is just terrible. May Brian rest in peace.
Damn, not again! Another valued Member hits the great cruise in the sky, peace to His soul & to all of His loved ones.
Sad to hear. Life is too short. RIP Brian, and thanks for the advice over the years
RIP my friend, your knowledge and humble personality will be missed here.

Prayers for all the many family members and friends.

I didnt know him well, but he did chime in and offer advice on a few occasions.
Hes now with Roy SGBarracuda, tons of Mopar know-how. :(
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He really helped shorten the learning curve when I got my six pack. Always had a friendly and helpful demeanor.
Rip Brian.
I always enjoyed reading your posts.
Rest in Peace Brother Brian. My prayers and condolences for all family and friends.
Wow, so sad for me. Although I never talked to him, he helped me so much in my searches for info on 340 6 packs. RIP Brian. You are missed. It's all temporary here for sure.

DC 340