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  1. Cope

    Cope Fusing with fire

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    Oct 20, 2009
    San Jose, Ca.
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    6:24 PM
    I'm working on a 1930 ford with a very mild 350 and three 2G carbs.

    This thing just falls flat when snapping the throttle. Its BAD, the engine almost dies.

    So far I've removed all the RTV where gaskets should be, rebuilt the center carb, witch is the only one running.

    The jets are 55 in the center and she still fall on her face bad.

    I tried adjusting the progressive linkage to bring on the outer carbs quicker and it still falls on its face. So in my mind I'm thinking I should try 48 jets in the center?

    I'm ok with letting her run lean for a few just to see if she can get out of her own way.

    Anyone got experience with the old tri power tuning?

  2. 67Dart273

    67Dart273 Well-Known Member

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    4:24 PM
    BOY. 2G Been a hell of a long time. When "snapping" it should be well into the power valve, so the jets might not be that effective. How far off are they from a "stocker?"

    What I'd do is try to get each one running separately, first. Any evidence of flooding "over" that is the floats sinking/ needles leaking/ too high? And you are sure it's rich and not lean? I guess it's not backfiring?
  3. oldskool979

    oldskool979 Well-Known Member

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    Sep 15, 2017
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    7:24 PM
    Same here - 65 tri-power GTO. I checked some of my old references and found we could run as high as 68 - 70 jets in all 3 for all out perf. I would be inclined to check your dist curve before messing with the jets too much. If I remember right, most of us had to use the lightest springs and heavy weights in the dist to get the advance in quick. Even with progressive linkage that's a lot of air vol being dumped in.
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