salvage yard in north Carolina



Jun 13, 2008
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Do any of you know if the yard in Jacksonville,NC is still there. Hi name was Charles. I was there over 4 years ago. Looking for a phone number for him. Any other salvage yards in the area would be great as well. Thanks.
I have been having luck with Mike Daurity from Sanford NC. He has a ton of Mopar stuff. About 180 some old mopars in a field. He also was King of Street champion in a cuda twice. Google him
Hell, I have acquired a scrapyard of my own, lol. Sanford is right up the street. I think my buddy Mike gets parts from him.
There is also Billy Wests in Selma, NC. IT had an article written about it in hotrod. I've only been there once and pulled a few pieces myself. Very reasonable on the prices, but limited days open seeing as his wife is basically selling pieces with the help of a friend who makes sure she isn't getting ripped off. But they have a huge lot of cars, you can google it and then go to google maps and see the overview of their field full of cars.
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