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Aftermath. Lol. The one strap i used had a little rub on it, thats where it failed.
Can’t like that, what a bummer. Lot of work gone. The wind up here is certainly a challenge most any given day.
Yet it survived all last summer not tied down at all. Wind has been pretty bad this year.
Funny you mention that, once upon a time many years ago our church went on a camping trip over the long holiday weekend. I was a young, very broke new father. They all had fancy campers and Fith wheels etc. I just threw a bag on the ground had a small campfire and called it good. In morning I was preparing to cook some breakfast in my trusty cast iron skillet and the associate pastor walked up just as I spit in the skillet to check how hot it was. I never lived that down as he spread that story all over camp. On bright side I did not have any dinner time guests all weekend!

What's the big deal really, people swap spit and more all the time. Without a hot skillet to kill any germs.
OK....... Because I'm kinda silly in that way.... Found a manual for an Alemite Electronic Wheel may grab one that I found online (for some bizarre reason).

Life on hold..... What an outdated concept. At least when I get ignored by my bank they give me a false glimmer of hope by leaving my number for callback....without "losing my place in line"...
It’s the government, so that would make things too easy
Nah, too soon. If its gonna hurt, will be later tonight and in the AM. My last one wasn't bad. Just a bit sore, and I went to work right after I got it.


15 p/u every 20 minutes for the rest of the day. :thumbsup:

But I'm also a believer that your cholesterol level doesn't matter as long as your blood pressure is high enough to force it through....
My shoulder was sore this morning. and ribs were nudging me last evening. A little concerned with Carlisle this week. But by then I figure something different will hurt. LOL