Survived a nasty medical issue.

So glad you are still with us. I went through the same thing about 25 years ago except my symptoms were sweating and I just wanted to lie down and rest. No chest pain or leg/arm pain. If it hadn't been for my wife who had worked as a CNA and recognized the symptoms, I wouldn't be here. That's when I knew for sure she loved me!!
Wow, Rob!
So glad to read you're doing well now. But I think you better wait to try those moves in Post #13 until your doc says it's OK to try them.
Some good advice in this thread to go get checked out when you feel something's not right. I know I've got to change my thinking the older I get.
Stay healthy!
Wow....scary stuff! Glad you listened to your instincts and took care of things. It's nothing to play around with.
Sounds like quite a rough patch! I hope you're doing better and 2021 treats you good.
Glad to hear you are doing ok! Smart move to not ignore the symptoms.
Get well .. your most important restoration starts now...
Damn Rob, join the club. I’ve had three, last one was the WM again.
Dam Rob, glad you are still here !!!
What a shitty year with your Mom, and now this. Hopefully you are doing what the Doc says, and resting up !
Take care Friend.
Man, glad to hear you made it through, scary stuff, take care of yourself!.
Glad your OK Rob, I had a heart scare myslef. Was in the Cath Lab on Xmas Day myself at 39 years old. 2021 be the year of getting healthy.
Glad you are still around buddy. I knew it wasn't great even after speaking with you when I didn't get a text discussing OU killing an SEC team. lol. Take it easy. Rest up and give me a call soon.
With covid and everything else going on and as bad as 2020 has sucked a big dick with my moms' passing, last year right at the end tried to jack me up.

I had a major heart attack on 12/27. Had a 98% occlusion in the widowmaker artery and a 90% in a different one. I had some weird sensations before in my chest over the last two months. Especially after my mom passed away. Just though it was stress and most of the time it was after I was doing some strenuous activity. This time the pain did not relent.

Thankfully the hospital staff was on it when they got my EKG and blood works. The ER doc before I went to the cath lab for stents told me had I stayed home, I wouldn't be around the next day.

Now I have even more life changing scenarios to deal with! LOL

Thanks to those that knew about it when it went down with the good wishes and prayers.

If you have chest pain, go to the hospital, don't ignore it... Being stubborn is not the right choice, DAMHIK!!!!

Appreciate the community and hope that 2021 is a prosperous year for everyone.

Damn,didn't know about any of this first off.. so sorry for the loss of your Mom God bless her soul,and thank God the hospital staff was on the ball I agree with you, if you feel something isn't right seek medical help before its too late..Have or at least try to have a better year this year:D:D
Glad to hear that you caught it in time.
Here's to a speedy recovery...........
Glad you dodged the bullet. Looks like the good Lord still has plans for you. Many people come back stronger, be one of them!