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Nov 11, 2006
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Kindersley, Saskatchewan,
What do u guys pay to race pro? Dam, our track is upping the fee’s again. It was $150.00 for pro. Thinking of going up $25.00-$50.00. Holy crap. This had pissed off many members. Kim
Yeah, Ours used to be $150....Now its nothing since they closed my local track and sold to FKN developers.

JMTC, But be Thankful you still have a Track!
Our track for weekly pro/no box is $55.00. What kind of turn out does your track see weekly in pro we are 60-80 cars a week just in pro.
The last two times out, paid $100 each for a tnt. Got in three laps, due to a mechanical failure, my own fault. Still, it annoys....
160.00 for 2 days 1500.00 to win each day 2000.00 to win if 60 cars or more. 25.00 for tnt . You mentioned entry fees but didn't mention pay out
Yeah, Ours used to be $150....Now its nothing since they closed my local track and sold to FKN developers.

JMTC, But be Thankful you still have a Track!

There it is..... Same situation here locally. We do have a nice facility down the road and other options 1.5 hours out but I wouldn't complain too much.... You are lucky to still have the track standing...

We have some good sponsors at keystone for races like this. You can double enter or run both races. Pretty sure there is a track rental earlier in the day.
I’m really started liking the big money pay one fee for three days of races. I already entered one at Dragway 42. 495.00 for three 20,000.00 races. Also some gamblers races to. And I entered a big 600.00 entry race at Norwalk. Keystone has three 15,000.00 races I will be entering and lots of 5000-10,000.00 races.
I think my local track is up to $85 depending on class lowest $50
We work our azz off to get sponsors to pay out $10,000 for the weekend and pay decent a few rounds back.

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Test and tune 35.00
Pro 50.00 1200 to win
Pro 60.00 ...2000 to win
Its 1200 to win about 2/3 of the points season with 2000 to win days mixed in the other 1/3 or so. 25 buy back first round only
Pro $55, Sportsman 40 at Lucas Oil. I think Muncie is $40 for Pro and $25 for sportsman ( I could be wrong). Most of the tracks near me are ~$50 for pro.
No Box $40 Box $60. TNT $15. I drug my trailer over 3 hours to a different track for a bracket race that was supposed to be $60 for no box. I got there and found out they cancelled that race and put in a different one that had a $125 fee for no box, no TNT. They still had the cheaper race advertised on their website!
Super and Pro are $65 to run $750 to win, $250 ru for 32 cars, Sportsman $40 and is set $150 win, 75 ru. Another local track charges $50 for Super / Pro / Sportsman (Usually only pays winner and runner up as low car counts (maybe 16 per class).
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I get the combo racer pass so I can get my Dad in for free when I race. It's not a bad deal. A normal day of test and tune is $35 for admission and racing combined. The race pass also gets you in to all the special events like the no prep and Memorial Day and Labor Day races.
Island Dragway... Friday night test and tune was $35 .. Sportsman ( 11.50 and slower ) $50 .. what I paid last week
Oval tracks sometimes collect an entry fee to help cover the cost of the purse during a special event but on a weekly show you just buy a $25.00 pit pass and you can pull right in.

Last week my regular Saturday night track had 120 entries in four classes. If each car brought four people @$25.00 a head that gives the track a good headstart on the payoff.

When I brought motorcyles in to run at my dirt tracks they did an "added purse" payoff. All the pit passes/entry fees went back to the riders plus I would add anywhere from $600 to $1000 to the purse depending on how many riders showed up.
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I raced an ANRA (American Nostalgia Racing Association) race at Famoso two weeks ago.... entry was $100, and the payout was $250 to win. Now we only attended that race to get some track data for a race coming up there on Memorial Day, and I really don’t attend races based on payout, but that’s almost criminal! ....AND there were 103 cars in class!!