Unappreciated rock bands...

Triumph, got to Agree! I remember seeing them for the first time. I think '86 or '87. Anyhow probably the best concert I've ever been too. And I've been to a lot. Canadian boyz. Awesome.

I saw them about the same time. Very talented group. I spent a Friday night this winter watching their old videos and some of Rik's guitar tutorials. Pretty interesting stuff.
UFO......In my opinion, the most underated rock band of all time.[/
Doctor, Doctor is the opening song for every Iron Maiden show ever. The lights for down and that plays over the PA. The crowd goes nuts and then they take the stage.

Most underrated band for me is Judas Priest. Everybody knows Turbo Lover and You've got Another Thing Coming. They've got a 40yr discography that eclipses all others. Diamonds and Rust, Desert Plains, the Ripper, and a million more.

In my mind Maiden and Priest are the best ever.
check it out. Dokken was in two bands during that time period. Singer in one of them


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