Volare on craigslist....

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i would be if i didnt have 6 other project lol... abodyjoe when we meeting up?

going to be here hopefully..

The Horse Power Rally Car / Motorcycle show, scheduled for October 1st this year. If you attended last year, then you know you must attend again this year. If you missed it, then you need to be there year.

Here are some details . . .

Free Registration
Live Entertainment
Circus Side Shows
Wine and Beer Tasting
Reduced Room Rates for registered vehicles
Great Time For ALL!

those ugly *** things can sky rocket all they want. i'll never own one..:)

volare's and aspens are not bad cars and in a few years they will be selling for what the A bodies are now... actually some of the roadrunners and R/T's already are worth quite abit
you post it then call it ugly

yeah that one isn't the color or trim I would want, but it looks like a nice car

Bought a Dodge Aspen new in 1977

had a lot of people tell me what a good looking car it was

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wish I had some better pictures of it

2,200 sounds like a good buy too

i posted it because i figured someone would want a cheaper beater.
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