What budget torque converter?

Around 2200/2500 is what I remember getting in the Duster. A real 340 converter has been hard to find for a number of years. At the converter company I worked for in the past, 340 converters were core in first.
I’ve been told by a local Mopar guru my converter stalls around 1800 or so after he drove my car. It’s pretty gutless until 1500 or so rpm.
Who said a high stall converter has to slip? It's just the idea that every car is different is bogus. The idea that you have to consult a converter specialist about your car and wait for weeks for a converter that costs nearly a grand is just silly. Besides the fact that two identical cars might have drivers that prefer something different. Summit and Jegs sells converters off the shelf all day long..but I guess they aren't good enough for somebody that needs to be treated "special".
people buy from jegs and summit because their purchase is governed by cost and ignorance.
have you ever cut open an off the shelf "performance " converter?
I have... bearing races mig welded that were distorted, and discolored from heat
fins bent with pliers
you get what you pay for.
I was lucky enough to get one of the last converters built by Kris at Continental Converters and he was having a hard time getting cores back then. I got a great used converter here on FABO and sent it to him. Kris knew everything about my build and made a converter made for my Dart. One of the best decisions I made on my build.
Sounds like all of Jeg's and Summit's converters are sloppy overheated junk that have hand formed fins...but I kinda doubt it...
there is no way to check a converter with out cutting it open. I have been in the transmission business since 1979. yes I have seen guys stick snap ring pliers and check the sprag in stator but there is no way you can put the same amount of torque that is produced by an engine. if you attempt to flush a converter there is no way of knowing you got the torrington bearings clean.
this converter is out of a 42RLE
truck came to my shop customer installed a salvage yard unit, with a used converter he bought on ebay.

advice... dont cheap out on a converter, have one built for your application, ATI, Pro torque, do excellent work, great customer support and have been in business over 30 years

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Looks chewed up Man! What happened with that? Cheap used, already Damaged Junk? Or did rats get in there and start eating things?
Looks chewed up Man! What happened with that? Cheap used, already Damaged Junk? Or did rats get in there and start eating things?
factory converter, customer bought a "good used" converter. ai gave him a price on a rebuilt trans and a reman converter, he decided to go the salvage yard route. my point is there is no way to check out a converter unless u cut it open